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This is the complete list of the OpenStreetMap Foundation's registered trademarks. Updated on 2016-08-19.

Trademark Country / Region Registration Date awarded
OPENSTREETMAP AUS 1646247 2015-05-13
EU (CTM) 7366859 2009-11-13
JP 5446400 2010-10-28
PH 2015/93389 2015-04-20
UA 1215471 2015-09-09
UK refused
US 4566302 2014-07-15
Magnifying Glass Logo EU (CTM) 73668691 2009-11-03
UK UK00002500155 2009-02-27
STATE OF THE MAP EU (CTM) 15029911 2016-05-27

Registration in other countries is in progress or pending. Please contact the LWG if you have comments or can help with registering these trademarks.

See the OSM Wiki page for a more detailed information on trademarks.