Welcome Mat to organisations

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Welcome Mat to organisations

The Welcome Mat will be a guide to organisations and corporations that want to be involved with OpenStreetMap. It will have information to familiarise themselves with the project, the community and especially to learn our expectations and their responsibilities. Please note that the name might change.


  • Have organisations better prepared on their own to engage in OSM
  • Clearly communicate what they can expect from OSM, what they should be thinking about, and their responsibilities in getting involved in OSM
  • Direct them to talk to Board, within OSMF and OSM when appropriate
  • Provide contact points to get questions answered


Date Updates
2018-07 Membership consultation
2018-05 The OSMF Board has consulted the Advisory Board members on the content of the Welcome Mat
2018-01 Draft in progress
2017-08 Concept note sent to the Advisory Board. Key feedback received was to avoid making a separate site, to expand the about page, to modify the osm.org navigation header and to choose a name that will not be problematic for people who do not have English as a native language.
2017-05 Creation of the Welcome Mat proposed during the board Face-to-Face meeting.