Working Group Minutes/MWG 2019-07-19

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  • Michael Spreng (datendelphin)
  • Steve Friedl (SJFriedl)
  • Thomas Barris (Thomas)
  • Jonathan Witcoski (jonwit)
  • Paul Norman (pnorman)

OSMF-TALK moderation

  • No real action taken, no real action necessary

Reviewed Board-to-WG Questions

  • What are tasks that you would like to do as a WG but don't have time?
  - Suggested items were a membership self-service page in CiviCRM, the OSMF membership badge
    to show up in an OSM profile, more refined rules for fee waivers, looking for methods to
    make OSMF more resistant to outside takover, as well as learning CiviCRM better.
  • What has the board done well to support you?
  - Even asking for this kind of input was seen as helpful, provided NDA-backed
    access to CiviCRM, as well as a great deal of autonomy to service the
    membership. Seen as less supportive was the response to the GL incident.
  • How could the board do better in general? What can we do for you now?
  - Possibly looping in MWG for membership-related initiatives might be helpful,
    though it's not clear what missed opportunities there might have been.
  • Is the current WG scope ideal for what you do? Or would you really like to do something else?
  - The members in the meeting seemed very content with the current scope.
  • What do you think about the role of board members on your WG? Is it facilitating or complicating? Should this be more formalised?
  - MWG members had mixed (but limited) feelings: on one hand it does reduce
    autonomy somewhat, but having informal board contacts allows some things
    to get done more quickly than it would be to always go through official
  • Are there any best practices that your WG has that would be useful to others?
  - None really suggested; perhaps other WG could be consulted?
  • Would you like to join the next Board meeting to be able to discuss some of these things with the entire board?
  - most of us would attend if an MWG matter was on the agenda, or if invited