Difference between revisions of "Working Group Minutes/SWG 2011-10-21"

[16:07] fake_mackerski: The latter may prove more useful
[16:08] stevenfeldman: are we wrapping up now? I need to go. Will try to complete my trawl by next meeting (only 20 months left)
[16:08] fake_mackerski: I think that's wise - this train arrives in 5 minutes anyway
[16:08] wonderchook: yeah, I think we were ready to wrapup
[16:08] fake_mackerski: Any last issues before close?
[16:08] stevenfeldman: bye everyone, in a fortnight but at what time?
[16:08] wonderchook: none for me!
[16:08] chrisfl_: Stick to 3pm UTC or move with the clocks?
[16:09] chrisfl_: fake_mackerski: log so far: http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Working_Group_Minutes/SWG_2011-10-21
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[16:10] stevenfeldman: chisfl_ either works a s long as we all know when we are meant to be meeting
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[16:11] chrisfl_: indeed! Shall we move to 16UTC and keep the meeting at the same "time"? I
[16:11] stevenfeldman: +1 for that
[16:11] Eugene_h: I agree.
[16:12] chrisfl_: any objections?
[16:12] phoney_mackerski: chrisfl_: Sure
[16:12] phoney_mackerski: No wiki fiddling required
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[16:12] Eugene_h: chrisfl_: why in log I am listed as absent? I'm here
[16:13] chrisfl_: I've not done that bit yet… Just cut and pasted from a previous meeting
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[16:13] Eugene_h: Ah.. OK
[16:14] chrisfl_: Cool next meeting 4th Novemeber 16.00 UTC - I'll try sending out a google calendar invite with that time in, if that's useful?
[16:15] stevenfeldman: Very useful chrisfl_ thx
[16:18] chrisfl_: for attendance purposes are rweait and blackadder watching?