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Working Groups are proving an effective way for the Foundation to support OSM in specific areas. They are a relatively new to the Foundation and some are currently more active than others. Working Groups generally consist of at least one member of the board and general OSMF volunteer members. This page tells you what each group does and who are its members.

Articles Working Group

  • Review the OSMF Articles of Association (effectively the OSMF consititution) and come up with issues that need to be addressed.


  • Andy Robinson (OSMF Board)
  • Additional members will be solicited from OSMF membership

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

License Working Group

  • Issues relating the the current license for OSM data
  • Migrating to a new license


  • Steve Coast (OSMF Board)
  • Grant Slater (Technical team representative)
  • Jordan Hatcher (Invited expert from Open Data Commons)
  • Michael Collinson (Group Chairman, OSMF Board)
  • Henk Hoff (OSMF Board)
  • Matt Amos
  • Ulf Möller (OSMF Board)

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

You can subscribe to the OSM legal-talk mailing list at

Data Import Working Group

Provide support and assistance to individuals and organisations wishing to import bulk data into the OSM database.

In the process of being formed. We are looking for an active coordinator and secretary.

You can subscribe to the general OSM imports discussion mailing list at

Data Working Group

  • Resolution of issues in copyright violation, disputes, vandalism, and bots, beyond the normal means of the community.
  • Helping to set policy on data.


  • Mikel Maron (Group Chairman, OSMF Board)
  • Andy Robinson (OSMF Board)
  • Steve Coast (OSMF Board)
  • Grant Slater
  • Matt Amos
  • Tom Hughes
  • Dave Stubbs
  • Frederik Ramm

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

Sysadmins Working Group

  • Planning and maintenance of the OSM API and server system.


  • Steve Coast (Chair)
  • Tom Hughes
  • Grant Slater
  • Jon Burgess
  • Matt Amos

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

Communication Working Group

  • Support and maintain the OSM Foundation website
  • Support and maintain communication tools between OSM Foundation members and board
  • Promote communication within the OSM community
  • Improve tools for supporting OSM membership subscriptions and renewals.


  • Michael Collinson (Group Chairman, OSM Board)
  • Mikel Maron (OSM Board)
  • ... others to be added

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

StateoftheMap Organizing Committee

The StateoftheMap Organzing Committee are responsible for the organization and execution of the 2010 StateoftheMap conference. You can get in touch with the whole team at:

The organising committee meets every week on a Wednesday at 8pm GMT via Skype.

2010 Members:

  • Henk Hoff skype:toffehoff (OSMF Board, Chair)
  • Martijn van Exel skype:mvexel
  • Floris Looijesteijn skype:floris1978
  • Arjan Spigt skype:arjanspigt
  • Hurricane McEwen skype:hurricanemcewen
  • Nick Black skype:nickb_sk
  • Bojan Sobocan skype:bojansobocan
  • Will King skype:geodatasolutions
  • Emilie Laffray skype:melaskia
  • Richard Weait skype:rweait
  • Steve Coast (OSMF Board) skype:stevecoast
  • Iván Sánchez Ortega skype:ivansanchezortega

2009 Members:

Local Chapters Working Group

The Local Chapters Working Group are responsible for running the process of setting up federated OSM-Foundation local groups. More. Latest working draft of the Federation agreement. The group’s members are:

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

You can subscribe to the OSMF Local-chapters mailing list at