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Working Groups are the main way in which the Foundation supports OSM in specific areas. Some are more active than others. Working Groups may include a member of the board.

Like everything in OpenStreetMap, we are very open and always welcome new working group members and helpers. If you support the ideals of OpenStreetMap and open data and want to help, just email the group that interests you.

Follow the links on this page to find out more about what each group does and who its members are.

Licensing Working Group

  • Handle issues relating the the current license for OSM data
  • Migrating to a new license.

Data Working Group

  • Resolution of issues in copyright violation, disputes, vandalism, and bots, beyond the normal means of the community.
  • Helping to set policy on data.

Operations Working Group

  • Planning and maintenance of the OSM API and servers.

Engineering Working Group

  • Engaging and assisting developers to develop OSM software.

Communication Working Group

  • Maintaining and OpenStreetMap on twitter and facebook. Announcements and project news written with the official "voice of the foundation"
  • Responding to press contacts.
  • Oversight of design and content on

StateoftheMap Organizing Committee

  • Organization and execution of the annual OpenStreetMap Foundation Conference "The State of the Map"

Local Chapters Working Group

  • Responsible for running the process of setting up federated OSM-Foundation local groups.

Membership Working Group

  • Administering the membership database
  • Answering routine membership queries
  • Increasing OSMF Membership