Annual General Meetings/2020/Minutes

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The meeting was conducted over IRC.
IP addresses have been obfuscated and some words have been linked.

Dec 12 16:00 amustard[m]: The meeting will come to order.
Dec 12 16:00* Tordanik (~tordanik@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:00 amustard[m]: All attendees, please message your names (not usernames) to Dorothea Kazazi. We need your names for the official minutes.
Dec 12 16:00 amustard[m]: Her user name is dorothea
Dec 12 16:01 amustard[m]: Have there been any voting problems? If so, please speak up now.
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Dec 12 16:02 migurski: (because I had to look this up: “/msg dorothea {your name}”)
Dec 12 16:02 amustard[m]: We will wait one more minute for any reports of difficulty voting.
Dec 12 16:02 RobJN: No idea how to send a direct message on IRC so sorry if this goes to everyone. Hi Dorothea, it is Rob Nickerson here.
Dec 12 16:02 dorothea: thanks Rob :)
Dec 12 16:02 amustard[m]: If there are no reports of difficulties voting, the polls are now closed.
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Dec 12 16:03 amustard[m]: You may see the agenda for this annual general meeting here:
Dec 12 16:03 amustard[m]: Are all OSMF Board members present?
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Dec 12 16:04 mikelmaron[m]: Present
Dec 12 16:04 joost_schouppe[m]: yep
Dec 12 16:04 Tordanik: present
Dec 12 16:04 heatherleson: present
Dec 12 16:04 rorym: Hello, I'm Rory McCann, OSMF Board member, present
Dec 12 16:04 heatherleson: hah, whoope
Dec 12 16:04 grischard[m]: Nice try Heather :p
Dec 12 16:04 grischard[m]: Hello everyone
Dec 12 16:04 heatherleson: total mistake
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Dec 12 16:05 amustard[m]: Is pnorman absent?
Dec 12 16:05 amustard[m]: Please note the apology of Paul Norman.
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Dec 12 16:06 amustard[m]: We shall now move to adoption of the minutes of the last meeting.
Dec 12 16:06 amustard[m]: Are there any additions or corrections to the minutes?
Dec 12 16:06 amustard[m]: Seeing none, the chair would entertain a motion to adopt the minutes as submitted.
Dec 12 16:07 rorym: i move to adopt
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Dec 12 16:07 joost_schouppe[m]: second
Dec 12 16:07* woodpeck (~frederikg@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:07 amustard[m]: It has been moved and seconded to adopt the minutes of the last meeting as submitted. All in favor signify by typing "Aye".
Dec 12 16:07 rorym: aye
Dec 12 16:07 amustard[m]: aye
Dec 12 16:07 Tordanik: aye
Dec 12 16:07 mikelmaron[m]: Aye
Dec 12 16:07 joost_schouppe[m]: aye
Dec 12 16:08 MarkErd: aye
Dec 12 16:08 amustard[m]: grischard: appears to abstain. The motion carries.
Dec 12 16:08 MvanderHeide: Aye
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Dec 12 16:08 grischard[m]: aye
Dec 12 16:08 grischard[m]: sorry
Dec 12 16:08* eteb3 (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:09 amustard[m]: Next agenda item is the chairperson's report. You may read it here:
Dec 12 16:09* Wynndale (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:09 rorym: point of order chair?
Dec 12 16:09 amustard[m]: Please state your point.
Dec 12 16:09 rorym: Just to clarify: It's all OSMF members who can vote here, right? Not just OSMF Board? (i'm unsure)
Dec 12 16:10 amustard[m]: Do we have a parliamentarian in the house who can answer that question?
Dec 12 16:10* Maggie (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:10 heatherleson: i think it is all members.
Dec 12 16:10 heatherleson: agm
Dec 12 16:11 mikelmaron[m]: This is the agm. All members
Dec 12 16:11 woodpeck: this is an annual general meeting of the osm foundation so all members are eligible to vote
Dec 12 16:11* Nielkrokodil (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:11 eteb3: associate members too?
Dec 12 16:11 amustard[m]: Very well, please allow me to restate. Are there any objections to adopting the minutes as submitted? (If there are no objections, they will be adopted).
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Dec 12 16:11 heatherleson: that I don’t know eteb3
Dec 12 16:11 amustard[m]: eteb3 "associate members too?": I assume so.
Dec 12 16:11 clamchowder: Isn't there a "joined as a member within 90 days of the Annual General Meeting" restriction?
Dec 12 16:11 heatherleson: no objectives
Dec 12 16:12 heatherleson: excellent report, Amustard
Dec 12 16:12 amustard[m]: clamchowder "Isn't there a "joined as a membe": Yes.
Dec 12 16:12 amustard[m]: Going twice, are there any objections to adoption of the minutes as submitted?
Dec 12 16:12 heatherleson: *objections
Dec 12 16:13 amustard[m]: Third and final call, are there any objections to adoption of the minutes of the last AGM as submitted?
Dec 12 16:13 rorym: no objection. AoA §48 states assoc. members may speak at GM like this.
Dec 12 16:13 amustard[m]: rorym: I hereby appoint you parliamentarian of this AGM.
Dec 12 16:13 amustard[m]: Hearing (reading) no objections, the minutes stand approved as submitted.
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Dec 12 16:14 amustard[m]: Next item on the agenda is the chairperson's report.
Dec 12 16:14 amustard[m]: Are there any questions specific to the report?
Dec 12 16:15 MvanderHeide: Excellent report, gives me insight in facts I didn't know before (I've been mapping since 2014 and Foundation member since 2019).
Dec 12 16:15 amustard[m]: While you are reading it, may I please remind all latecomers to the AGM to provide Dorothea with your full name, not only user name, for the official minutes of the meeting.
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Dec 12 16:16 rorym: ( Alas AoA §75 states that you can only vote at GM (like this) if you've been a member ≥90 days ([noemal] member & assoc. member). )
Dec 12 16:16 das-g[m]: Suggestion for next AGM: Make minutes adoption of previous (then: this) AGM just another vote with the voting platform, together with elections and resolutions. (Of course, that renders the actual meeting somewhat less interesting.)
Dec 12 16:16 amustard[m]: Please hold such suggestions for the last agenda item, "Any Other Business".
Dec 12 16:17 amustard[m]: Are there any questions related to the chairperson's report? Second call.
Dec 12 16:17 eteb3: Report looks good to me. I like the final paragraph especially and commend this validation of every single mapper.
Dec 12 16:17 Nakaner: I would like to thank the chair for his report. It contains all relevant information about the past year with links to more details. I am happy to see a report this year which qualifies to be a report.
Dec 12 16:17 amustard[m]: Third and final call for questions about the report.
Dec 12 16:18 amustard[m]: Is the treasurer ready to submit the treasurer's report? grischard
Dec 12 16:18 grischard[m]: Yes, and I will also link to the treasurer's report for 2020:
Dec 12 16:19 amustard[m]: Very well, then. The next item on the agenda is the treasurer's report. The chair recognizes the treasurer, Guillaume Rischard grischard
Dec 12 16:19* Cj (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:19 JeanMarcLiotier: "[[Media:OpenStreetMap Foundation Limited - Balance Sheet 2020.pdf|Balance Sheet 2020]" doesn't render as a link to me
Dec 12 16:19 grischard[m]: Thank you Allan. The big news is that we've successfully fundraised for both the iD developer and the Senior Site Reliability Engineer's job.
Dec 12 16:19 grischard[m]: Oh dear...
Dec 12 16:19 heatherleson: congratulations!
Dec 12 16:19 grischard[m]: and are the two links. I'll fix them right after this. Sorry.
Dec 12 16:20 amustard[m]: Are there any questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:21 grischard[m]: There was concern in the community that this board was spending all the savings. In fact, as you can see, we've been both careful and lucky, and have a bit more in our pile of gold than we did last year.
Dec 12 16:21 eteb3: Is there a reserves policy?
Dec 12 16:21 pierzen: great to see an OSM organization that provides Financial report at the General meeting ! thanks.
Dec 12 16:22 grischard[m]: Not a formal one. Having significant reserves is important: it allows us not to worry about losing a big donor, or having to take legal action, things like that.
Dec 12 16:22 eteb3: thanks
Dec 12 16:22 grischard[m]: It doesn't mean that we're hoarding money for the sake of it. We do intend to spend more through the revived EWG if necessary, but the specifics of that are for the next board to decide.
Dec 12 16:22 amustard[m]: eteb3 "Is there a reserves policy?": The Board as a rule strives to have at least 3 multiples of the OWG budget on hand as a "cushion" since the OWG budget is what supports the hardware and software.
Dec 12 16:23 eteb3: thanks, that's clear
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Dec 12 16:23 das-g[m]: What the "EWG" again?
Dec 12 16:23 amustard[m]: Any other questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:23 grischard[m]: Especially now that we have people like Quincy who rely on the OSMF for their livelihood, we think it's important.
Dec 12 16:23 Wynndale: What about paid staff and reserves?
Dec 12 16:23 grischard[m]: EWG is the Engineering Working Group
Dec 12 16:23 das-g[m]: Thanks
Dec 12 16:23* spiekerooger[m] (~spiekeroo@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:24 amustard[m]: For now the Board envisions paying for paid staff mainly out of annual fund raising efforts.
Dec 12 16:24 eteb3: Is there a donations policy, eg about not accepting more than X% of donations from a single (or associated) donors?
Dec 12 16:24 grischard[m]: Wynndale: there's no specific ringfence for the reserves for paid staff.
Dec 12 16:24 heatherleson: does the board need more fundraising help?
Dec 12 16:24 clamchowder: What is OWG?
Dec 12 16:24 grischard[m]: OWG is the Operations Working Group
Dec 12 16:24 amustard[m]: clamchowder "What is OWG?": Operations Working Group.
Dec 12 16:24 clamchowder: Thanks
Dec 12 16:25 seav: It's nice to see that Apple has donated for the SSRE position, especially since they didn't renew their Corporate Membership
Dec 12 16:25 mikelmaron[m]: Next year we intend to fundraise for multi year commitments, which should make it more reliable
Dec 12 16:25 heatherleson: will there be a fundraising committee then?
Dec 12 16:25 amustard[m]: heatherleson "does the board need more fundrai": Yes, and that is why we have asked for permission of the membership to form Board committees, one of which would be for fundraising.
Dec 12 16:25 grischard[m]: We accept donations without limits. What we don't do is promise something in exchange. In the SRE/iD jobs case, the only promise we made to the donors was that the money would go towards that.
Dec 12 16:25 heatherleson: wonderful. thank you
Dec 12 16:26 rorym: This year, OSMF had to suddenly move bank account. Special thanks to our treasurer who had to do a lot of boring, hard yet vital work to fix that. :)
Dec 12 16:26 amustard[m]: Any more questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:26 amustard[m]: And a reminder to latecomers to provide your names (full names) to Dorothea for recording in the official minutes.
Dec 12 16:26 grischard[m]: Oh yes, don't try to change banks in the middle of a pandemic lockdown while you're in a different country. We're very happy with Triodos and TransferWise.
Dec 12 16:26 seav: Much appreciation to the hard work done by grischard for the bank account move
Dec 12 16:27 MvanderHeide: One question, why doesn't triodos offer Euro accounts?
Dec 12 16:27 grischard[m]: (We went through nine banks before we went with them. Opening a bank account in the UK, for an organisation like the OSMF, is hard!)
Dec 12 16:27 MvanderHeide: I thought Triodos is a Dutch = Euro bank
Dec 12 16:27 grischard[m]: They do offer Euro accounts for their Dutch customers, yeah.
Dec 12 16:27 das-g[m]: grischard[m] "": doesn't work, I think it should be
Dec 12 16:28 MvanderHeide: Ah, and in the UK only GBP accounts ... I see
Dec 12 16:28 grischard[m]: In fact I'm sitting a few metres away from the Belgian Triodos, and I think that all they offer to their customers is Euro accounts.
Dec 12 16:28 grischard[m]: They're a nice bank, and a good fit for the OSMF.
Dec 12 16:28 amustard[m]: Any more questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:28 eteb3: Are the accounts in GBP?
Dec 12 16:29* trigpoint_ (~trigpoint@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:29 grischard[m]: As I wrote in the report, we even get a bit of interest for our savings there, which we didn't get with Barclays. It's not huge, something like .1%, but that's still something in 2020.
Dec 12 16:29 grischard[m]: Yes eteb3
Dec 12 16:29 clamchowder: What is iD?
Dec 12 16:29 das-g[m]: : and are the two links. I'll fix them right after this. Sorry.
Dec 12 16:29 das-g[m]: * doesn't work, I think it should be [1]( doesn't work, I think it should be
Dec 12 16:29 das-g[m]:
Dec 12 16:29 pierzen: iD is the web Editor
Dec 12 16:29 joost_schouppe[m]: the web editor
Dec 12 16:30 clamchowder: Thanks
Dec 12 16:30 grischard[m]: For the fundraising, I want to thank mikelmaron who did a huge amount of work. If we can announce this, it's thanks to him.
Dec 12 16:30 amustard[m]: clamchowder "What is iD?":
Dec 12 16:30 das-g[m]: * doesn't work, I think it should be [2](
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Dec 12 16:30 SJFriedl: das-g[m], the link on the page that's there now is correct
Dec 12 16:30 Wynndale: Are you taking precautions against currency fluctuations?
Dec 12 16:30 grischard[m]: Wynndale: somewhat. We keep EUR and USD balances on TransferWise and Paypal.
Dec 12 16:31 heatherleson: especially with a potential global recession coming
Dec 12 16:31 heatherleson: (to add to Wynndale)
Dec 12 16:31 grischard[m]: We used to keep a lot of our savings in Euros at Barclays, but that's no longer an option.
Dec 12 16:31 amustard[m]: Any more questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:31 heatherleson: many Opensource communities have suffered
Dec 12 16:32 clamchowder: heatherleson: Examples of suffering communities?
Dec 12 16:32 grischard[m]: I wish we could keep things more spread out, unfortunately banking isn't easy. Maybe next year, since I'm a bit of a banking masochist.
Dec 12 16:32* thibaultmol (~thibaultm@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:32 grischard[m]: At least we're getting a small bit of interest.
Dec 12 16:32 MarkErd: The balance sheet is for 31.12.2020 but that is not yet. Is that right?
Dec 12 16:32 amustard[m]: Please hold pure comments for the last agenda item and limit yourselves to questions for the treasurer at this time.
Dec 12 16:32* Benedicta_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Dec 12 16:32 heatherleson:
Dec 12 16:33 grischard[m]: Oh, and something I forgot: our savings at Triodos have a 90 day lock, which also makes sure the treasurer can't run away to the Bahamas without anyone noticing.
Dec 12 16:34 grischard[m]: I'd also like to thank our tireless accountant, Michelle. She and I are working on making it easier for the rest of the board and the wider membership to scrutinise the numbers.
Dec 12 16:34 MvanderHeide: hear hear
Dec 12 16:35 grischard[m]: A few years ago, we had a volunteer auditor who checked the accounts. It's a job that's important, so I'd very much welcome it if someone volunteered to have a look at the books.
Dec 12 16:35 amustard[m]: Are there any other questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:35 grischard[m]: Make sure everything's square and level, that every expense has an invoice, etc.
Dec 12 16:35 woodpeck: unsure if this is the right time but wish to thank guillaume for the stellar job he's been doing after taking over from me last year, what with barclays bank kicking us out and so on - he definitely got more than he bargained for!
Dec 12 16:35 grischard[m]: PM or email me if you're interested -
Dec 12 16:36 grischard[m]: woodpeck told me that it'd be easy, that it wasn't a lot of work. When running for the board, I said I'd do it if no one else wanted to do it. And here I am :p
Dec 12 16:36 amustard[m]: Are there any more questions for the treasurer?
Dec 12 16:36 amustard[m]: Going twice.
Dec 12 16:36 amustard[m]: Going three times.
Dec 12 16:37 amustard[m]: Thank you, Guillaume, for your very hard work over the last year, and also to Mikel for his fundraising efforts.
Dec 12 16:37 grischard[m]: Thank you all.
Dec 12 16:37 amustard[m]: The chair recognizes the Board secretary, Joost Schouppe, joost_schouppe, to report the election results.
Dec 12 16:37 migurski: Cheers to you both, great job supporting the financial strength of OSMF
Dec 12 16:37 joost_schouppe[m]: I am ready
Dec 12 16:37 joost_schouppe[m]: 729 non-empty ballots were cast. Winners are Tobias Knerr, Jean-Marc Liotier, and Eugene Alvin Villar. Congratulations!
Dec 12 16:38 migurski: Congratulations!
Dec 12 16:38 joost_schouppe[m]: I'd like to thank everyone who has voted for being active in this community. Special thanks for help from Michael Collinson, Dorothea and MWG for running these elections.
Dec 12 16:38 heatherleson: congratulations
Dec 12 16:38 joost_schouppe[m]: Also special thanks to pnorman who has served the Board for five years and is an absolute treasure to have on Board.
Dec 12 16:38 heatherleson: sorry to read. thank you
Dec 12 16:38 Wynndale: Well done.
Dec 12 16:38 Marc: congratulations.
Dec 12 16:38 amustard[m]: Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for the other candidates for standing for election.
Dec 12 16:38 joost_schouppe[m]: I also thank myself for stepping down :)
Dec 12 16:38 heatherleson: thanks for joost and pnorman for their service
Dec 12 16:39* dbf_ (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
Dec 12 16:39 rorym: Thanks joost_schouppe[m] & pnorman for serving. it's been a pleasure.
Dec 12 16:39 amustard[m]: I now ask the secretary to report the results of the votes on resolutions.
Dec 12 16:39 joost_schouppe[m]: same
Dec 12 16:39 joost_schouppe[m]: coming up
Dec 12 16:39 joost_schouppe[m]: Allow non-board members to sit on OSMF Committees (special resolution) - Passed with 82 % (needs 75% to pass)
Dec 12 16:39 heatherleson: fantastic!
Dec 12 16:39 joost_schouppe[m]: Amend OSMF Fee Schedule to allow Active Contributor Awardees to receive (regular) OSMF membership, rather than just associate membership - Passed with 92.2 % (needs 50% to pass)
Dec 12 16:40 joost_schouppe[m]: Work on membership prerequisites - Passed with 79 % (needs 50% to pass)
Dec 12 16:40 grischard[m]: (Just before the election results get announced - thanks to all the candidates, and to my fellow retiring board members.)
Dec 12 16:40 joost_schouppe[m]: Instruct the Board to investigate paid votes - Passed with 78.6% % (needs 50% to pass)
Dec 12 16:40 grischard[m]: Fantastic results. Thank you all for your trust.
Dec 12 16:40 JeanMarcLiotier: Thank you you all !
Dec 12 16:41 Nielkrokodil: How much is 729 votes compared to other elections?
Dec 12 16:41 amustard[m]: On behalf of the Board, please allow me to thank Michael Collinson, Michael Spreng and the Board members leaving, Paul Norman and Joost Schouppe. Michael and Michael were key to successful elections, and the two departing Board members have been very active and helpful.
Dec 12 16:41 pierzen: Great! Felicitations to all.
Dec 12 16:42 rorym: Thank you everyone for voting & taking an interesting in the democratic process
Dec 12 16:42 Zverik: I assume we'll have a research when the votes are published, like in previous years
Dec 12 16:42 rorym: And thanks to all the people who help run it
Dec 12 16:42 heatherleson: Thank you to Michael x 2 for election efforts
Dec 12 16:43* MD-14 (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has left
Dec 12 16:43 seav: Thank you to everyone who voted for me. :)
Dec 12 16:43 grischard[m]: Michael the election supervisor, Michael from MWG, Mikel from the board, Michelle the accountant, Michal the board candidate... very suspicious pattern.
Dec 12 16:43 SJFriedl: +1
Dec 12 16:43 heatherleson: seav - congratulations to you JeanMarc and tobias
Dec 12 16:43 amustard[m]: We have 18 minutes left before the top of the hour for the final agenda item, "Any other business". There is already one request submitted before the meeting for permission to speak. If there are no objections, we will move the agenda and give the floor to a representative of the group that has requested the floor.
Dec 12 16:44 joost_schouppe[m]: as long as they dont all subscribe in lower case
Dec 12 16:44 drolbr: Congratulations from me, too.
Dec 12 16:44 heatherleson: ithank you I have aob
Dec 12 16:44 amustard[m]: Another reminder to give Dorothea your full name if you have not already.
Dec 12 16:44 eteb3: No objections, as long as there is time for other AOB, too
Dec 12 16:44 pierzen: dorolbr thanks for your participation and greet engagement in OSM.
Dec 12 16:45* Maggie has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Dec 12 16:45 amustard[m]: Very well, then. heatherleson are you the representative of the group that made that request?
Dec 12 16:45 heatherleson: yes
Dec 12 16:45 amustard[m]: The chair recognizes heatherleson
Dec 12 16:46 heatherleson: Thank you. This week has been difficult for many. I want to thank everyone for all the discussions, deliberations and debates. We recognize that it has been very hard on a individuals on all sides of these discussions
Dec 12 16:46 amustard[m]: The chair recognizes heatherleson Heather, the floor is yours.
Dec 12 16:46 heatherleson: We thank the Board for recognizing a need for further discussion and action
Dec 12 16:46 heatherleson: We thank all those who agree or disagree with our statement
Dec 12 16:47 heatherleson: today a few of us from lccwg, disc, the board and the coalition (the document) met
Dec 12 16:47 heatherleson: we are planning a way forward and warmly invite all members to consider it a safe place to try to find a balance.
Dec 12 16:47 heatherleson: Thank you for your time and for this moment to speak on behalf of many.
Dec 12 16:47 amustard[m]: Thank you. Does that conclude your remarks?
Dec 12 16:48 heatherleson: yes
Dec 12 16:48 diakhasso: Hi Amustard and all, this is Nicolas, is this ok to step in ?
Dec 12 16:48 amustard[m]: Thank you. Does anybody else have "any other business"? Please ask for permission to be recognized.
Dec 12 16:48 amustard[m]: The chair recognizes diakhasso
Dec 12 16:48 diakhasso: Thnaks
Dec 12 16:48 diakhasso: 2 points
Dec 12 16:49 diakhasso: * 1 is about changes as per the provision of our reporting docs, chairperson report and treasurer report would be handier if channelled to members prior the vote
Dec 12 16:50 diakhasso: We would then be voting also on accomplishment, this would help channelling the talks
Dec 12 16:50 diakhasso: If a strategic plan or some sort of workplan could be associated with those elements, this would be beneficial too
Dec 12 16:50 amustard[m]: The chairperson's report was circulated via osmf-talk, and I also tweeted it, and asked the Communications Working Group to circulate it in advance.
Dec 12 16:51 diakhasso: I got it via email in the midst of the voting period
Dec 12 16:51 grischard[m]: The treasurer's report not being circulated earlier is 100% my fault. I'll do better next year.
Dec 12 16:51 diakhasso: But this may be my bad
Dec 12 16:51 diakhasso: Thanks in advance for this
Dec 12 16:51 grischard[m]: I also hope that with the work Michelle and I are doing, it will become easier to spam everyone with numbers and figures more often.
Dec 12 16:51 diakhasso: I think that the more materials we have the more in advance, prior the vote begins the more focused our electoral discussions are
Dec 12 16:51 amustard[m]: Your suggestion has been noted.
Dec 12 16:52 grischard[m]: I agree with you diakhasso
Dec 12 16:52 diakhasso: Grateful for your work ont the 2 reports
Dec 12 16:52 grischard[m]: Thank you.
Dec 12 16:52 diakhasso: Thanks
Dec 12 16:52 diakhasso: Point #2
Dec 12 16:52 seav: Voting results:
Dec 12 16:52 amustard[m]: diakhasso: Please state your second point.
Dec 12 16:52 diakhasso: It's a matter of concern about the amount of our spendings and the dependency we are going to be vis a vis donors
Dec 12 16:53 diakhasso: I am wondering if we can not put some interests and enquiry in secruring a safety funds, the way The Guardian did or Mediapart did in France
Dec 12 16:53 amustard[m]: The Board shares that concern. That is one of the reasons we asked the membership to allow creation of Board committees, one of which will be a fund-raising committee.
Dec 12 16:54 diakhasso: These are 2 medias and these secured funds allow them to experiment while being sure that they have ahead of thems 2 years of ops experdnditures
Dec 12 16:54 mikelmaron[m]: Yes we intend to look at other sources of funding
Dec 12 16:54 heatherleson: amustard - I have another comment after this
Dec 12 16:54 diakhasso: I'll email details about this
Dec 12 16:54 amustard[m]: Thank you.
Dec 12 16:54 amustard[m]: The chair recognizes heatherleson
Dec 12 16:54 diakhasso: Thanks for listening to me
Dec 12 16:54* lonvia (~sarah@***.***.***.***) has left
Dec 12 16:54 heatherleson: i want to thank the current board for their tremendous efforts this year. (end)
Dec 12 16:55 amustard[m]: Thank you.
Dec 12 16:55 grischard[m]: We will also create a fundraising committee, to amongst other things look at diversifying the sources of funds.
Dec 12 16:55 amustard[m]: A reminder to all who joined late, please message your name (full name) to Dorothea for inclusion in the official minutes.
Dec 12 16:55 diakhasso: Thanks mikel and Grischard for these infos and efforts
Dec 12 16:56 amustard[m]: We have five minutes left before the top of the hour. Is there "any other business"?
Dec 12 16:56 grischard[m]: If you would like to help out in the future fundraising committee, email or message me here.
Dec 12 16:57 eteb3: I have ideas about how to strengthen governance at OSMF. What is the best way to suggest these?
Dec 12 16:57 amustard[m]: For that matter, if you are interested in serving on any working groups, or committees, please contact the relevant working groups directly and the Board for committees. Many hands make the work light.
Dec 12 16:57 pierzen: Dont follow hotosm !
Dec 12 16:57 grischard[m]: eteb3: you speak up now :)
Dec 12 16:57 eteb3: I don't mean suggest now. I mean in general.
Dec 12 16:57 amustard[m]: The chair recognizes eteb3
Dec 12 16:58 joost_schouppe[m]: discuss them, especially on osmf-talk. Join a working group. Run for Board
Dec 12 16:58 joost_schouppe[m]: write diary posts
Dec 12 16:58 eteb3: Thank you apm. My comment in advance of permission to speak (apols) has been asked and answered.
Dec 12 16:58 grischard[m]: The Membership Working Group, which helps organise the AGM and the election, is desperate for help. It's also the working group with the nicest, funniest chatroom that I'm in.
Dec 12 16:58 amustard[m]: eteb3: Propose ideas on osmf-talk. Yes, what grischard suggested.
Dec 12 16:58 SJFriedl: MWG is the fun place to be!
Dec 12 16:58 rorym: eteb3: you can email the board at too if you want
Dec 12 16:59 eteb3: thank you.
Dec 12 16:59* Wynndale has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Dec 12 16:59 amustard[m]: If there is no further business, the chair would entertain a motion to adjourn.
Dec 12 16:59 MarkErd: In one of the documents I read the number of members went from 1500 to 1900. Also wen becoming member this year it was stated that this would be published. Is this somewhere online?
Dec 12 17:00 amustard[m]: In my report.
Dec 12 17:00 amustard[m]: Is there a motion to adjourn?
Dec 12 17:00 heatherleson: I motion to adourn the 2020 AGm
Dec 12 17:00 rorym: second
Dec 12 17:00 amustard[m]: Is there a second?
Dec 12 17:00 heatherleson: *adjourn
Dec 12 17:00 grischard[m]: For those who want to hang out and chat a bit, we can move to the BigBlueButton room?
Dec 12 17:00 eteb3: If adjourn means bring to a close, fine with me.
Dec 12 17:00 JeanMarcLiotier: I second that motion
Dec 12 17:00 JeanMarcLiotier: URL of the BigBlueButton room ?
Dec 12 17:01 amustard[m]: It has been moved and seconded to adjourn. The motion is not debatable. Are there objections to adjournment? Going once.
Dec 12 17:01 heatherleson: thank you all. have a good saturday.
Dec 12 17:01 amustard[m]: Going twice.
Dec 12 17:01 grischard[m]: We can all meet and chat in . I'll grab a beer.
Dec 12 17:01 amustard[m]: Going three times. Hearing no objections, this meeting is adjourned.
Dec 12 17:01* kphklaus has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Dec 12 17:01 amustard[m]: See you all in BBB!
Dec 12 17:01 heatherleson: bye
Dec 12 17:02 diakhasso: Bye all, take good care of you and be safe