Annual General Meetings/2021/Minutes

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15th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Date: 11 December 2021
Place: IRC chat room #osmf-gm on the IRC network


The meeting was conducted over IRC.
IP addresses have been obfuscated and some words have been linked.
Time in UTC.

15:59 amustard[m]: The meeting will come to order.
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16:00 amustard[m]: If you have not yet messages Dorothea with your full name, please do so now.
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16:00 amustard[m]: ...messaged...
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16:00 amustard[m]: Are there any eligible voters who were unable to vote due to technical difficulties, and who would like to vote now?
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16:01 grischard[m]: Welcome everyone. Agenda, links, etc. at
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16:01 amustard[m]: Seeing that there are no eligible voters wishing to vote at this time, dorothea, please close the polls.
16:02 dorothea: the polls have closed
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16:02 amustard[m]: We shall now move to the published agenda. dorothea, do we have a minimum quorum of 15 OSMF members present?
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16:03 Zverik: I don't think she's here. But I see at least 15 OSMF members :)
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16:04 amustard[m]: In that case we shall proceed. The minutes of the last AGM are here:
16:04 amustard[m]: Are there any additions or corrections to the minutes?
16:04 grischard[m]: I move to approve the minutes
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16:04 amustard[m]: Is there a second?
16:04 am{ap}anda: second
16:04 Heather_L: No, I move to 2nd
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16:05 grischard[m]: No fighting you two :)
16:05 amustard[m]: It has been moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the 2020 AGM as submitted. We shall vote by acclamation. Are there any objections?
16:05 Heather_L: wow, not my intent (friend)
16:05 amustard[m]: Seeing no objections the minutes of the 2020 AGM are approved.
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16:06 amustard[m]: The Board of Directors chairperson's report was submitted on 29 November and may be seen here:
16:06 amustard[m]: Are there any questions regarding the chairperson's report?
16:06 grin[m]: (There was about zero seconds to make any reaction due to the delay between matrix and irc.)
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16:07 Heather_L: Thank you for your excellent service, Allan
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16:07 amustard[m]: grin: Thank you for that notification.
16:07 amustard[m]: Are there any questions regarding the chairperson's report?
16:08 amustard[m]: If there are no questions, we shall move to the treasurer's report. The floor goes to grischard, the OSMF Board treasurer.
16:08 grischard[m]: Thank you Allan
16:09 grischard[m]: The Treasurer's report was submitted today, and may be seen here:
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16:09 amustard[m]: Please be sure to share your full names with Dorothea so she can record a list of AGM participants. To send your name to Dorothea please use "/msg dorothea {your name}” but without the quotation marks. Replace {your name} with your name. If that doesn't work, please try "/msg {your name}"
16:09 grischard[m]: All figures, including in the linked PDFs, are in GBP and rounded to the nearest pound.
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16:10 grischard[m]: The tl;dr is that we're in good financial health, and are making slow but good progress to spend the funds we've raised for staffing.
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16:10 amustard[m]: Are there questions for the treasurer?
16:10 Zverik: thanks grischard[m] for the short and entertaining report :)
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16:11 grischard[m]: If you need a moment to type a question, you can also just send a full stop and we'll wait
16:11 donalhunt[m]: Are there any expected capital expenditures anticipated for the next year? I believe the spend for Dublin was not 100% anticipated but required for growth.
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16:11 Zverik: do I get it right that we have three paid staff atm: Dorothea, Martin, and the accountant?
16:11 yayaya14: what's about SRE hire?
16:11 Heather_L: (Michelle is the accountant?)
16:11 grischard[m]: The spend for Dublin was proposed by OWG, and we approved it. It was quite a large purchase, as you can see in the PDFs.
16:12 JiML: Contractually, they are contractors rather than staff
16:12 marc_: /msg dorothea marc_prioleau
16:12 grischard[m]: We decided to buy some of the servers ahead of time because OWG (rightly) expected prices to rise
16:12 grischard[m]: Zverik: indeed, that is correct.
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16:13 amustard[m]: Heather_L: Yes
16:13 grischard[m]: The SRE hire isn't hired yet, for mostly personal reasons. I actually have the contract open in a browser tab right now, waiting for mikelmaron and I to look at the last change suggestions.
16:13 Zverik: Thanks Guillaume
16:13 yayaya14: thanks
16:13 donalhunt[m]: I think it's worth noting the request for interested parties to express interest in joining the budget working group / committee.
16:13 grischard[m]: We really wanted to get the SRE stuff done before the AGM, and hope to get it done in the next few days - if you've reelected us :)
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16:14 amustard[m]: Please be sure to share your full names with Dorothea so she can record a list of AGM participants. To send your name to Dorothea please use "/msg dorothea {your name}” but without the quotation marks. Replace {your name} with your name. If that doesn't work, please try "/msg {your name}"
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16:15 grischard[m]: Indeed. Setting up a solid budget is a lot of work, and your treasurer must humbly admit that he got a bit overwhelmed with the bank change this year, on top of a transatlantic move. The board has agreed to set up a budget committee.
16:15 grischard[m]: A modernised budget will help us develop an overall plan for long-term support for OSMF infrastructure, and help seek multi-year commitments to support OSM core infrastructure with stability and predictability.
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16:15 grischard[m]: If you are interested in joining, please email
16:16 amustard[m]: Are there any more questions for the treasurer?
16:17 JiML: A round of applause for the treasurer who, in spite of feeling overwhelmed, pulled a whole lot of work on his own !
16:17 grischard[m]: Thank you all very much then, and hopefully see you for the next report in a year :)
16:17 am{ap}anda: twice, banks have overreacted and forced grischard[m] to do a lot of boring and time consuming work. Thanks to grischard[m] for all the not very visible and prestigous work
16:17 donalhunt[m]: hear hear
16:18 SJFridl: +1
16:18 amustard[m]: If there are no further questions for the treasurer, we shall move to the next item on the agenda, the election results. Zverik , are the results ready for me to announce?
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16:18 Heather_L: Drumroll
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16:18 Zverik: wait, not yet, sorry :)
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16:19 JiML: drumroll: ...
16:19 am{ap}anda: 🥁🥁
16:19 grin: drum unroll
16:19 amustard[m]: While we are waiting, I would like to offer a few expressions of gratitude.
16:19 donalhunt[m]: We clearly need some tallymen (Irish joke).
16:19 am{ap}anda: donalhunt[m]: transfers! It's great
16:19 amustard[m]: First, to Michael Collinson for consolidating the questions to the candidates and distilling them into a very, very good set of questions.
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16:20 trigpoint: SK53bis: Thank you
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16:21 amustard[m]: Second, to Ilya Zverev and Michael Spreng for running OpaVote to come up with the election results. Many thanks! Илья, большое спасибо! Michael, vielen Dank!
16:21 Heather_L: molodetz
16:21 amustard[m]: Next, I thank Dorothea Kazazi, our incredibly efficient administrative assistant, without whose help the Board of Directors would be adrift. Thank you, Dorothea!
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16:23 amustard[m]: Then, to my fellow Board members, who have worked long and hard, devoting many hours to the "back office" work of the Foundation so that all of us can map the world. Tobias, Jean-Marc, Mikel, Amanda, Guillaume, and Eugene, thank you!
16:23 amustard[m]: Finally, to all the candidates for this year's election to the Board, thank you for stepping up to the plate and volunteering.
16:23 amustard[m]: Zverik: Are the results ready yet?
16:24 grischard[m]: I would like to thank Allan for the excellent work he's invested in the OpenStreetMap Foundation for the last two years. Everything he's touched is in better shape than it was, and the way ahead for his successor will be a lot easier.
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16:25 PierZen: 🥁🥁 ... 🥁🥁 for all
16:25 am{ap}anda: As a fellow board member, I echo grischard[m]'s thanks. amustard[m] has been great as a chair
16:25 Zverik: there's a slight software issue, so counting takes a bit longer than last time
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16:26 grischard[m]: Anyone have any good map jokes while we wait?
16:26 grischard[m]: Or what's everyone mapping?
16:26 brianh: trees and fire hydrants lately
16:27 donalhunt[m]: buildings!
16:27 am{ap}anda: I'm doing the river moderization in Baden-Würrtemberg
16:27 RichardF: mostly idly wondering about using phone lidar sensors for mapping
16:27 MinhNguyen: Trying to figure out how in the world to translate "magic carpet lift" into a language that has no concept of a ski lift.
16:27 grin[m]: Preparing proposal for snowflake tagging.
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16:27 Eiim: grass and gardens
16:27 drolbr: Would have loved to do more sidewalks
16:27 mvexel_: finished adding bus stops in my city
16:27 habi[m]: Snowmen!
16:27 yayaya14: @MinhNguyen - you are translating for OrganicMaps? :)
16:28 amustard[m]: Please be sure to share your full names with Dorothea so she can record a list of AGM participants. To send your name to Dorothea please use "/msg dorothea {your name}” but without the quotation marks. Replace {your name} with your name. If that doesn't work, please try "/msg {your name}"
16:28 MinhNguyen: @yayaya14 Whatever's on :)
16:29 PierZen: You know this Overpass Tv spot in USA by geico ? would make a good advertising for OSM Overpass ! video
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16:29 drolbr: I will not build robots with red eyes ;)
16:30 drolbr: Looks too scaring ;)
16:30 PierZen: \o/
16:31 drolbr: But if we have a photo of the server room with "All tiles with a server running an Overpass instance" ...
16:31 drolbr: ... then it would be hard to tell for a human as well ;)
16:32 grischard[m]: It'd be cool if we had a captcha system that helped with OSM
16:32 drolbr: Is Gregory here? We could do some singing ...
16:32 grischard[m]: "click the buildings on the aerial imagery"
16:33 RichardF: drolbr: fortunately singing is now banned in the UK under covid regulations
16:33 drolbr: @grischard: Make a proposal to the EWG :) We just gut budget for those kind of project.
16:33 am{ap}anda: grischard[m]: I did remember seeing something like that...
16:33 PierZen: @grischard: but dangerous with robots !
16:33 drolbr: @RichardF: Ah, sorry!
16:33 JiML: A captcha backed by Maproulette...
16:34 amustard[m]: I apologize for the delay. Ilya reports the verification is running slowly.
16:34 RichardF: drolbr: I'm making it up, it isn't (it's actually expressly allowed), I just thought it might save us from the singing ;)
16:34 grischard[m]: One part of the OSMF that often gets neglected is the working groups, actually. The board would just be a talk shop without them. Thanks to all the working group volunteers.
16:34 mvexel_: I've actually thought about that a few times JiML
16:34 drolbr: @RichardF: +1
16:34 mvexel_: never got around to implementing it but helping google label / confirm images for their mapmaking ML always leaves a bad taste
16:35 grischard[m]: PierZen: you'd typically require a dozen confirmations to get high levels of confidence
16:35 grischard[m]: Yeah mvexel_ especially when it's to sign up to the osm wiki!
16:35 grischard[m]: Or it's funny, depending on how you look at it
16:35 am{ap}anda:
16:35 amustard[m]: The meeting will come back to order.
16:36 amustard[m]: I have the election results.
16:36 grin[m]: mvexel_: the problem is surprisingly hard. I am sure you're aware that captcha breaker libs are all over the net
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16:36 grischard[m]: We can keep chatting about maptchas in
16:36 amustard[m]: The winners of the Board election are Guillaume Rischard, Amanda McCann, Roland Olbricht, and Mikel Maron. 742 ballots were cast.
16:36 amustard[m]: The special resolution passed, with 357 yes to 28 no.
16:37 Zverik: okay yes I ran the openstv and confirm the results
16:37 grischard[m]: Welcome drolbr !
16:37 amustard[m]: Thank you, Ilya Zverik!
16:38 drolbr: I would like to thank all for the trust and to congratulate Guillaume, Mikel, and Amanda
16:38 am{ap}anda: Thank you all. Welcome drolbr! 🙂
16:38 amustard[m]: A Board meeting will be scheduled soon to elect new officers. A preliminary agenda has been posted:
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16:39 amustard[m]: I assume that am{ap}anda will consult with the members of the new Board to find a suitable date for that meeting, is that correct?
16:39 am{ap}anda: amustard[m]: yes
16:39 grischard[m]: Thank you all for your trust
16:39 amustard[m]: Thank you for that.
16:39 seav: Congratulations Amanda, Guillaume, Mikel, and Roland!
16:40 amustard[m]: The next item on the agenda is "any other business". Is there any other business for this meeting?
16:40 grischard[m]: And thank you migurski and bhousel for your investment.
16:40 Heather_L: thank you all for your service, candidacy and congrats to the new board
16:40 am{ap}anda: Yes, think you to those who weren't lucky this time. The OSMF needs more people to “throw their hat in the ring”, thanks for stepping up
16:40 migurski: congratulations to the new board members!
16:40 grin[m]: I'd like to thank all the board members to keep this fine serviceup and running (and also the IT people and WGs)!
16:41 JiML: The one who keep it up & running are mostly the WG !
16:41 tordanik[m]: Congratulations to the new and continuing board members, and thanks to all candidates!
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16:42 grin[m]: Well stable monetary and organisational background is still, um, comes handy. ;-)
16:42 PierZen: Great news and bravo to see Roland representing us.
16:42 Heather_L: have a good rest of your weekend
16:42 amustard[m]: Is there any other business for the annual general meeting?
16:42 bhousel: congratulations to the new board!
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16:42 amustard[m]: If you have not yet done this, one last time...Please be sure to share your full names with Dorothea so she can record a list of AGM participants. To send your name to Dorothea please use "/msg dorothea {your name}” but without the quotation marks. Replace {your name} with your name. If that doesn't work, please try "/msg {your name}"
16:42 seav: The working groups are in need of more people to help keep OSM/OSMF running. Please do volunteer!
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16:43 drolbr: I would like to thank thank Brian and Michal for running.
16:43 grischard[m]: For example, EWG will need a new chair now that drolbr is ineligible :)
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16:44 amustard[m]: If there is no other business, the chair would entertain a motion to adjourn.
16:44 JiML: Seconded
16:44 amustard[m]: We need a motion on the floor before it can be seconded.
16:45 Heather_L: motion to adjourn
16:45 JiML: Second time I make that mistake :
16:45 donalhunt[m]: Seconded
16:45 amustard[m]: It has been moved and seconded to adjourn. The motion is not debatable. Are there any objections to adjourning? Going once....
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16:45 drolbr: @grischard: The next EWG meeting is on Monday 20:00 UTC, and it is public. We are happy to see new faces.
16:46 amustard[m]: Going twice...
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16:47 amustard[m]: Going thrice. The 2021 annual general meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation is adjourned. I thank all who attended.