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Other substantial holdings: Cloud Made Ltd
'''Michael Collinson''' (Secretary, Director) is a technical entrepreneur currently based in Sweden and a contributor to the OpenStreetMap project since 2005. A keen hiker, cyclist and an early career in oil exploration geophysics fostered a fascination with maps, remote-sensing and geo-referenced information. He first joined the OSMF board in 2007 and acts as membership secretary. He is currently working on artificial intelligence techniques for a hedge-fund start up, Stiernegrip Trading Strategies, and is Managing Director of Xave Pty Ltd., a software development company.
Other Directorships held: AYE Ltd (managerial and technical consulting), The Picture Gallery LLC (USA, Internet poster retailer), TAL Philippines Inc. (Philippines, Wireless internet provider), Xave Pty Ltd. (Australia, software company)
Other substantial holdings: None
'''Ulf Möller''' is an IT consultant based in Germany. He has contributed to several open source and commercial crypto software packages, including as a member of the OpenSSL development team. Ulf has been mapping in Munich and the Bavarian Alps since he discovered OSM in 2007. He joined the OSMF board in 2009.
'''Ulf Möller''' bio to be added
Other Directorships held: None <br/>
Other substantial holdings: None
'''Andy Robinson''' (Secretary/Treasurer, Director) is a professional Civil Engineer (Tunnelling) based in the UK and long time contributor to the OpenStreetMap project having signed up in September 2005. Andy has a keen interest in maps as well as a desire to see geographic and related data more widely available to the public. He first joined the OSMF board in 2007. Andy currently administers funds received personally from Cloudmade Ltd to run mapping events in the UK.
Other Directorships held: None <br/>