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The Foundation supports the adoption of this license and has reviewed it with their lawyers and it is now being discussed by the community. The proposed license has been developed by [http://www.opendatacommons.org/ OpenDataCommons] a project of the [http://www.okfn.org/ Open Knowledge Foundation].
We are now in a Board Review stage. The Foundation's License Working Group presented and submitted a [[:File:License Proposal.pdf|proposal document]] to the Foundation board. A summary was also presented at the State Of The Map 2009 conference. The intent now is to answer some question's the board raised and improve and clarify the proposal document so that it can be presented to the Foundation's members for a vote. This process is documented [[Working Group Minutes|here]]. We also welcome any review and comment by other bodies working in the open intellectual properties rights arena, and have published an [[License/Open Letter|open letter]] asking for their views.
The proposed license comes in two parts. One, the [http://www.opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/ Open Database License (ODbL)] covers the database itself and, and a set of upgraded [[License/Contributor_Terms| Contributor Terms]] covers the content of the database.


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