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Difference between revisions of "Working Group Minutes/DWG 2014-06-05 Special Crimea"

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(Add statement as voted on by the DWG)
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Creating accounts for the purpose of controversial edits is strongly discouraged.
Changesets which change the language of names or attempt to edit which country something is in must use [https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Good_changeset_comments meaningful changeset comments], not an empty comment or the same comment copied for all changesets.
Edits ignoring the above may be reverted by the Data Working Group. If edits violating this are noticed and you cannot work it out with the user, please email [mailto:data@osmfoundation.org data@osmfoundation.org] about the issue, remembering to include sufficient information to identify the edits in question, relevant correspondence with the user, and any evidence.