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Difference between revisions of "Working Group Minutes/DWG 2014-06-05 Special Crimea"

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In the DWG's view there are three types of edits of concern here.
=== 1. Edits to the administrative boundary for the region. ===
In the short-term Crimea shall remain in both the Ukraine and Russia administrative relations, and be indicated as disputed. We recognize that being in two administrative relations is not a good long-term solution, although the region is likely to be indicated as disputed for some time.
The DWG is aware that data consumers may have problems with the database indicating the region is part of two countries.
=== 2. Edits adding tags indicating that objects are in one country or another, such as addr:country on objects which would not normally have any addr tags. ===
These edits should be avoided. They do not generally have the impact the user intended in the cases we have seen, as the tags added are not generally used by data consumers. addr:country should not be added to individual objects, or added from existing ones; instead the admin boundaries provide adequate indications of country status.
=== 3. Edits changing place names between languages ===
The DWG views these as the most serious portion of the dispute. The "on the ground" rule remains the method of determining the appropriate value for the name tag. The name tag should only changed in response to a change of most of the signage, a change in what the inhabitants of the place call it, or to fix a place name that was previously incorrect. These changes must not be made on the basis of government declarations or similar statements, but only direct observations of the on the ground situation.
Given the nature of the dispute, it would be best to support any name changes with a photo of changed signs or similar evidence, but this is not required.
=== 4. Other matters ===
Mechanical edits changing names or country information would require consensus from both the Ukrainian and Russian communities. It is unlikely that any such edit proposals will be able to achieve this.