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==Management Team==
Not clear if we had decided to officially disband the MT or not.
==Close of 2014 business year, budget==
Report on 2014 business year and open issues.
Decision requested on cutting off 2014 expense reimbursements on May 31, 2015.
With the change to the financial year, there was a four month period between the old schedule and the new schedule. There are two pressing issues for the accountant
* Closing the 4 month period and getting in the last expense reports
* A disputed invoice
** Henk to send info to the accountant on the invoice if it can't be resolved soon.
There are overdue payments from some companies. Henk and Frederik to sort out who owes what.
Expenses for last year are to be in by May 31, or if someone is unable, they need to notify the treasurer by May 31 that there will be a late invoice.
Review and discussion of 2015 budget (See email dated April 3rd)
==Confidential matter==
Details confidentialseparately minuted.
==Next meeting==
Some board members will be travelling back from US conference in a month, so schedule for June 10th onwards.
==Meeting End==
1921:0227 UTC (1h27m)