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=== Email Addresses ===
The registered email address for an OSM user account, will never intentionally be published on the internet anywhere, shared with third party organisations, or revealed directly to other logged in users. Email addresses will be used by the server to notify the user if another user has sent a message through the website. Only [[https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/System_Administrators System Administrators]] will have direct access to email address data. It may be used by these people to contact users directly about their edits or other OpenStreetMap related issues.
Note that some other types of [[https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Accounts Accounts]] used by developers/community ''do'' expose email address information more publicly (due to technical limitations of the software used, rather than policy decisions) The Trac system exposes your email address in plaintext on the page if the email address (rather than the display name) is used to login. The mailing list system exposes email addresses of people posting messages, in the archive web pages, but with obfuscation. If you want to post to the list, the system also requires you to register with your proper 'from' address, not a forwarding address.
==== Gravatar ====