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The concerns about the inclusion of potentially unlicensed third party data are not unfounded, such a situation was partly responsible for the [https://www.scribd.com/document_downloads/265440465?extension=pdf&from=embed&source=embed demise of the openaddresses.co.uk project].
Many governments at every level of administration worldwide (for example Canada) have created there own variants of the OGL, or have simply named an unrelated licence the same. Such variants need to be inspected in respect to which version of the OGL they were originally based on (the OGL 1.0 had incompatible attribution terms) and changes to the licence text.
For example in Canada it is common to reference local FOIA and privacy regulation, which can be problematic depending on the actual contents of the licenced data. Example: a licence referencing local data protection regulation might need reviewing if it is being applied to an address dataset.
====== Guidance on specific OGL variants ======


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