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=== Foundation and community expectations ===
We expect Corporate Members to conduct themselves as good citizens of the OpenStreetMap ecosystem, e.g. by complying with our attribution requirements ([[Licence/Licence_and_Legal_FAQLicence and Legal FAQ|Licence and Legal FAQ]]), following good editing practice and adhering to the community's guidelines, such as the [[Licence/Community_GuidelinesCommunity Guidelines]] and the [[Organised_Editing_Guidelines| Organised Editing Guidelines]].
=== How to join ===
Your organisation can join as a Corporate Member starting at €500 annually. There is a range of membership options available to fit organisations of any size. Please see the [[Join_as_a_corporate_memberJoin as a corporate member|"Join as a Corporate Member"]] page to learn more.
If you have any questions about Corporate Membership, or if you are ready to sign up, please get in touch with us by emailing board@osmfoundation.org.