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Update to reflect the current status of the WG and incorporate the Terms of Reference approved by the Board; also move list of meeting minutes here
(Update to reflect the current status of the WG and incorporate the Terms of Reference approved by the Board; also move list of meeting minutes here)
[[File:Osm world network.png|frameless|right|400px]]
One of the foundation [[Working Groups]], the Local Chapters Working Group was responsible for setting up federated OSM-Foundation [[Local Chapters]]
The '''Local Chapters and Communities Working Group''' ('''LCCWG''') is tasked with finding and implementing ways for the Foundation to support the growth of local communities and potentially encourage established communities to further organise themselves and eventually formally affiliate with the Foundation as one of its [[Local Chapters]]. Aside from that, the LCCWG will also facilitate a global exchange of ideas and support among Local Chapters and communities and review and suggest improvements to the Local Chapters affiliation scheme.
Now that Local Chapters are up and running, the group has been restarted as the '''Local Chapters & Communities Working Group''': a place to encourage the growth of local communities and set them on a path to maybe one day become a Local Chapter.
OpenStreetMap is a global project and mappers are self-organising at the local level to collaborate with each other and to hold events such as workshops, mapathons, and mapping parties. As an organisation with a global mission, the Foundation may not always be best placed to reach and support such mappers, especially people speaking in languages other than English. This is the reason why the Foundation set up the Local Chapters Working Group in 2011 to formulate an affiliation scheme to recognise Local Chapters. This task was finally done in August 2014 when the Board [[Board_Meeting_Minutes_2014-08-05#1._Local_Chapters_Agreement|approved]] the [[Local Chapters/Template agreement|template agreement]] that is signed between recognised Local Chapters and the Foundation, and the working group then became inactive.
Since then, several Local Chapters have been approved by the Foundation and some interested OSMF members have reconvened (pivotally, during State of the Map 2018) with the intention of restarting the working group as the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group. Regular meetings started in September 2019 and the Board [[Board/Minutes/2019-12#2019.2FRes31 Approve relaunch of LCWG as LCCWG with new mission statement|approved the relaunch]] of the LCCWG as an official Foundation working group.
==Who weFocus items are==
The following are the three focus items that the working group will concentrate on:
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
! width="33%" | Building local community cohesion
! width="33%" | Facilitating a global exchange of ideas
! width="33%" | Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme
| valign="top" | We will explore and develop ideas for the Foundation support the growth of Local Chapters and local communities, including helping mappers communicate or meet up with other local mappers, and working to reduce the challenges created by the fragmented nature of OSM.
| valign="top" | We will aim to provide Local Chapters and local communities with venues and communication channels to exchange ideas and share best practices in growing their communities. This may include reviving/managing the local-chapters mailing list and organizing sessions like the Local Chapters Congress during State of the Map or other events.
| valign="top" | We will review the role of Local Chapters within the Foundation and the interactions between them. Based on our findings we will make recommendations to the Board as to how the affiliation scheme can be improved to provide a stronger case for local communities to eventually become Local Chapters, or possibly suggest creating new affiliation models such as less-formal user groups.
== Who we are ==
The current members of the working group are asthe followsfollowing people:
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
! Name
! Local community
! NotesRemarks
| Ben Abelshausen
:''* Local Chapter''
=== Former Membersworking group members ===
The following were members of the original Local Chapters Working Group. People marked with a * are still following the local@osmfoundation addressmailing list or arare active in the chatroom.
* Hrvoje Bogner
* Emilie Laffray
* Douglas Ssebaggala
* Christian Quest
* Simon Poole*
=== Join us! ===
People marked with a * are still following the local@osmfoundation address or ar active in the chatroom.
People who are interested to become a working group member should [[#Get in touch|contact]] the working group and then join the next [[#Meeting and minutes|meeting]] where the working group can then approve the membership.
There is currently no limit to the number of members or the length of a member's term and it is not necessary to represent a recognised Local Chapter to become a member. To avoid over dominance by any particular group, existing local communities are advised to coordinate their participation. The working group's suggestion is that these groups nominate up to two representatives.
==Get in touch==
== Get in touch ==
You can get in touch with the whole teamworking group at: [mailto:local@osmfoundation.org local@osmfoundation.org].
Discussions and official announcements willwith bethe madewider community are done via [mailto:the local-chapters@ mailing list. You can subscribe to this list here: http://lists.openstreetmap.org /listinfo/local-chapters@openstreetmap.org]./
You can subscribe to this OSMF Local-Chapters mailing list at http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo
WeFor havequick achats singleand chatlight discussions, we have an integrated channel you can reach via any of the following options:
* [https://t.me/joinchat/CY4DIhBlSw8bM47ETAT9pw Telegram]
* [https://riot.im/app/#/room/#osmcommunity:matrix.org Riot/matrix]
* [ircs://irc.oftc.net:6697/osmcommunity IRC] (#osmcommunity on OFTC)
As of August 2019 the bridging isn't working properly. There is a delay in Telegram>Matrix/IRC and there is no IRC/Matrix>Telegram going on. You can help us fix it!
== Meeting and minutes ==
The LCCWG regularly meets every month at the OSMF/LCWG channel of the HOT Mumble server. Anybody is free to join the meeting! See the [https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mumble Mumble page] on the OSM Wiki for instructions on how to connect.
{| class="wikitable" width="100%"
We are currently restarting the LCWG after a long hiatus and had a meeting in September 2019. The minutes will be published soon.
! 2020
! 2019
! LCWG (previous WG)
See [[Working Group Minutes#Local Chapters Working Group]]
| valign="top" |
* [[Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2020-01-21|2020-01-21]] (draft)
==Useful links==
| valign="top" |
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting minutes/2019-11-12|2019-11-12]]
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting minutes/2019-10-09|2019-10-09]]
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting minutes/2019-09-03|2019-09-03]]
| valign="top" |
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/178oHWarpLS4lZ2BXE8O3RuvJECfWEyk25DuTlyIiqbY 2014-08-03] (draft)
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting 2013-11-27|2013-11-27]]
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/17xGA0i9m0aPlWyImamdLwuwPaTUcQ-St4UFhL4M4Pnc 2013-09-20]
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting 2013-03-21|2013-03-21]]
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting 2011-04-19|2011-04-19]]
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting 2011-04-06|2011-04-06]]
* [[Local Chapters Working Group/Meeting 2011-03-16|2011-03-16]]
== Useful links ==
* [http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Foundation/Local_Chapters Local Chapters page on the OSM wikiWiki]
* [https://github.com/osmfoundation/lcwg/issues LCWG Issue Tracker]
* [https://gitlab.com/osmfoundation/lccwg LCCWG GitLab repository]
* [https://github.com/osmfoundation/lcwg/issues LCWG IssueGitHub Trackerrepository] (defunct)
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