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Difference between revisions of "Board Rules of Order"

updated with new section on working groups and special committees
(Link Conflict of Interest Policy)
(updated with new section on working groups and special committees)
# The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board has given itself the following set of rules to govern how the Board does its work.
# These rules havewere beenoriginally agreed on by the board on 20182012-0611-2104, and most recently updated on 2020-07-10, and will remain in force until they are replaced by a new set of rules, or abolished altogether.
==2. Board Duties==
## give account of their work to the General Assembly and the members of the Association.
# Board members may be asked to convey board decisions to third parties. In doing so, they have a duty to represent the board's decisions factually.
# Board members may serve in OSMF working groups, but should refrain from chairing them
==3. Confidentiality and Transparency==
# This does not cover expenses or income paid by the employer or client of a board member when such employment or client relationship is mentioned on the "Board Member Bios" page on the OSMF wiki.
# Economy travel to and accommodation to State of the Map International and face to face board meetings is covered. Other events are considered on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, the board member shall bring an estimate to the board before incurring the expenses.
== 9. Working Groups, Committees, and Special Committees ==
# Working groups handle much of the day to day activity of the OSM Foundation. They have an ongoing scope and remit, with delegated responsibility from the Board.
# Working groups are proposed by members of the Foundation. A proposal includes its purpose, scope and remit; membership criteria and governance structure; logistics of meetings, and internal and external communications; a first-year work plan and budget.
# The board considers working group proposals, and approves, rejects, or requests changes and re-submission of proposals.
# Board members may serve in OSMF working groups, but should refrain from chairing them.
# Committees are defined in the Articles of Association 91-94, and not typically employed by the Board.
# Special committees are formed to deal with backlog and future Board action items in an expeditious manner, by studying and recommending actions on issues, or to handle a time delimited set of topics. They are not standing Committees, but deal with a delimited set of tasks.
# A special committee is proposed and approved or rejected by the Board. A proposal includes a list of the specific tasks the special committee will undertake, and when it will report back to the Board.
# The work of a special committee is initiated by a board member. Other board members, members of the Foundation and community may be invited to the special committee if deemed helpful and appropriate. The chair may be anyone sitting on the special committee.