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update with how to contact and participant list
(update with how to contact and participant list)
==Get in touch==
disc [at] osmfoundation.org
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<small style="color: grey;background-color: #f4f4f4;">Sections: [[#Get_in_touch|Get in touch]] | [[#What_we_do|What we do]] | [[#Join us|Join us]] | [[#Who_we_are|Who we are]] | [[#Meetings_&_minutes|Meetings & minutes]]</small>
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!width=220px style="text-align: middle; background: white;"| <span style="color: black;"> Members Participants</span>
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* Celine Jacquin
*David Garcia
*Heather Leson
*Ilya Zverev
*Jinal Foflia
*Maggie Cawley
*Mikel Maron
*Michal Migurski
*Mikko Tamura
*Nathalie Sidibe
*Rory McCann
*Selene Yang

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