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updated text to reflect current content of the working document ( https://hackmd.io/@Tordanik/rklF7RXC8 )
(Note that the resolution was approved, clarification, more info.)
(updated text to reflect current content of the working document ( https://hackmd.io/@Tordanik/rklF7RXC8 ))
<font color="blue"> Please note that this is a draft. </font>
* The board recently [[Board/Minutes/2020-07#2020.2FRes35_Make_progress_towards_a_hiring_framework| approved]] the use of [https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/w/index.php?title=Hiring_Framework&oldid=7392 this version of the document] as a preliminary framework for any hiring-related steps until the 2020 [[Board/Minutes/2020-07|July public board meeting]].
* Feedback was asked on [https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2020-July/006966.html Feedback was asked] on the membership mailing list] until 30 July 2020 ''(if you are an OSMF member, register [https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/osmf-talk here])''.
* Any future updates will first appear on the [https://hackmd.io/@Tordanik/rklF7RXC8 working document].
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== Implementation ==
We prefer implementations of paid work which keep our administrative overhead low and give us access to talent from our international community. Our focus will be on:
* (part-time?) contracting with individuals
* contracting with firms
* secondment
Especially for positions that help us provide core systems to the community, we may also consider permanent employment.
When contracting with firms, we will still apply the considerations described below to the individuals who would end up doing the work.
== Relationship with volunteers ==
OSM has given rise to a vibrant decentralized ecosystem. We want workers paid by the OSMF to collaborate seamlessly with volunteers and commercial actors. Workers will cooperate remotely, and through the same platforms that volunteer contributors to that team or project also have access to.
Before deciding on paying additional people, the OSMF board will consider whether volunteers are available to fill the role, whether the activity falls within the scope of the OSMF’s mission, and whether the Foundation ought to offer (or continue offering) a particular service. The intention to enlist additional paid work, along with a job description and the board’s reasoning, will be publicly shared and discussed with the community. The board will assess community support by informal consultation before proceeding.
Workers will occasionally produce high-level reports on what they have achieved and spent their time on. To encourage transparency, these reports must be visible to the OSM community, not just to the OSMF board of directors. In our contracts with workers, we will refrain from using any confidentiality clauses that restrict workers’ freedom to discuss their work with the community; confidentiality will only be required where information security or privacy demand it. Workers cannot be expected to accommodate each community member, but we expect them to keep an ear on the OSMF’s community channels in general. They should not limit their communications to fellow team members and OSMF institutions.
If a contract ends, including because a worker becomes unavailable, it should not be replaced as a matter of routine. For many tasks, project-based contracts with a completion date may be preferable. We will be mindful of the risk of organizational bloat.