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added approved language on Surveys
(added approved language on Surveys)
The openstreetmap.org website supports the display of [http://gravatar.com/ Gravatars], these are retrieved from gravatar.com by generating a globally unique key from your e-mail address. Our website software will check on the initial signup and on every email address change if you have a Gravatar for the new address and start displaying it if one exists. You can stop this behaviour by explicitly turning Gravatar support off in your account settings. You should be aware that, if a Gravatar is displayed, the key can be used to track your account over any website that has Gravatar support.
The Foundation may from time to time conduct surveys, both of the Foundation membership and of others, including the broader OpenStreetMap community, in order to determine the opinions of Foundation membership, the OpenStreetMap community, and others, and better to serve the members and the community, a legitimate purpose of the Foundation. Distributing surveys and processing their results may require the use of personal data such as names and email addresses. Personal data gathered or used in connection with surveys will be processed in accordance with applicable data privacy laws and will be retained only as long as reasonably necessary.
Email addresses of members of the OSMF may be used to invite Foundation members to participate in surveys.
If survey data are made publicly available (for instance, for analysis by the OSM- or research communities at large) the data will be anonymized. If the anonymized data are organized in such a fashion that individuals might be reasonably identifiable (for instance, a group with few individuals that is identifiable with a specific geography or function) the grouping will be merged to deter identification. Further, the Foundation Board reserves the right to exclude from public release any variables that might permit deanonymization of the data.
Anonymized survey data, which may be useful to the Foundation in the future for comparison purposes, may be retained indefinitely in accordance with applicable data privacy laws.
===Data you may voluntarily add to your profile or diary posts===