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+ topic "Investigate moving OSMF out of the UK, and into the EU" and background
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(+ topic "Investigate moving OSMF out of the UK, and into the EU" and background)
| ''Suggested by Mikel Maron.''
== Investigate moving OSMF out of the UK, and into the EU ==
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! <b>Background</b>
|''Even before Brexit was on the horizon, the OSMF occasionally thought about moving the organisation or creating a subsidiary elsewhere (most likely to another EU country). After the [[Board/Minutes/2021-04#Treasurer.27s_report|recent bank issues]], the board is looking to create an account at a new bank and perhaps a subsidiary in the EU.''
''<u>Past arguments regarding relocation/subsidiary, mentioned during [[Board/Minutes/2020-10-S2S/Legal_team_and_Brexit_implications_-_resolve_how_to_respond| 2020-10 board screen-to-screen meeting]]:</u>''
''In favour of moving''
* ''Existential: Keep sui generis database rights [https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sui-generis-database-rights-after-the-transition-period](https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sui-generis-database-rights-after-the-transition-period). We still have other protections, but this is a big one and has been useful in the past.''
* ''Financial reasons: ''
** ''(EUR) banking.''
** ''Paypal easier.''
** ''Possible to receive tax-free status as a foundation in Luxembourg?''
** ''We currently pay about £6000 in tax per year. Will increase with iD/SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) funding income.
* ''Easier rules regarding membership.''
* ''EU representative for the OSMF for GDPR purposes (a separate issue which is however solvable by simply determining a rep). Kathleen Lu (lawyer, [[Licensing_Working_Group| LWG]] member) thinks it's not necessary.''
* ''Keep .EU domain.''
* ''It's a lot of work.''
* ''Cost (lawyers, registration...).''
* ''Time budget/bandwidth of board.''
* ''2020-10: [[Board/Minutes/2020-10-S2S/Legal_team_and_Brexit_implications_-_resolve_how_to_respond| Legal team and Brexit implications - resolve how to respond]] (session during board screen-to-screen meeting)''
* ''2020-09: [[Licensing_Working_Group/Minutes/2020-09-10#BREXIT|Licensing Working Group discussion about Brexit]].''
* ''2020-08: action item for a board member to have a call with a relocation lawyer and come back to the board with a proposal / circular resolution.''
* ''2019-02: low-key call to members ([[OSMF_updates/2019-02|"Nonprofits that have relocated from UK "]]) about any nonprofit organisations -even at a different sector - that started life in the UK and later moved elsewhere.''
* ''2019-02: [[Board/Minutes/2019-02-20#Brexit| Board discussion about Brexit]].''
''Please note that there have been additional board/LWG discussions regarding Brexit.''
| ''Suggested by Allan Mustard.''