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Board/Minutes/2021-08-13: Difference between revisions

decisions/action items and draft minutes for some of the topics
(+ topic "Translations of binding legal texts")
(decisions/action items and draft minutes for some of the topics)
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<font color="blue">PageDecisions/action for agendaitems and draft minutes for some of the topics. Might be enriched.</font>
Location: Video room https://osmvideo.cloud68.co/user/ror-nt7-6tu </big><br> using [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BigBlueButton BigBlueButton]. <br> <br><font color="blue">Please note that this video chat is not open to observers.</font><br>
== Participants ==
=== Board members ===
* Allan Mustard (Chairing)
* Amanda McCann
* Jean-Marc Liotier
* Mikel Maron
* Tobias Knerr
[https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/w/index.php?title=Officers_%26_Board&oldid=8513 Officers and board]<br>
==== Not Present ====
* Eugene Alvin Villar
* Guillaume Rischard
=== Guests ===
|''Suggested by Mikel Maron.''
<u>Usual approach to extensive OSM tile usage</u>
* Tile usage at the QGIS level would normally result in a polite request to stop and if not followed, then enforcement.
<u>On QGIS</u>
* QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).
* Use of OSM tiles is a feature of the software.
* Vibrant open-source community.
''Does OSMF allow with explicit permission non-profits in the ecosystem to use our tiles, while other parties that go beyond certain threshold are asked to set-up their own tile servers..?''
<u>On OSMF providing services</u>
* Seems like a policy question by the OWG.
* We are not considering providing services in general - more of providing a service as a favour to QGIS.
<u>Reasons for supporting QGIS</u>
* QGIS usage has beneficial effect to OSM ecosystem.
* QGIS is not a for-profit company and is a member of the open mapping ecosystem. We wouldn't do this for e.g. a government or a big non-governmental organisation.
<u>On having a service-level agreement with QGIS</u>
* Charging people for use of tiles implies providing a service and drafting an implicit or explicit service-level agreement.
* OSMF has no agreements so far for providing services.
* We can state on the agreement what they will get regarding support.
* OSMF will be supporting because the value of service at a level where it doesn't cost OSMF more than covering the cost of hosting, etc (~ 7500 USD/year). Cannot guarantee a service level or provide additional support.
<u>Other points mentioned during discussion</u>
* We can't approach QGIS as a corporation, as:
** consumers of service are people using QGIS (individuals, non-profits, for-profit)
** the QGIS individual developers are not responsible for the usage of the software.
* Red line: for-profit companies using/abusing tiles.
* Can the [[Operations_Working_Group|Operations Working Group]] (OWG) support the current QGIS tile usage without the requested amount..?
<u>Next step</u>
* Send questions to OWG and suggest the approach that the board recommends.
* See who to approach.
'''Action items'''
* Mikel to draft an outline of what we would ask for, questions for OWG and suggest the approach that the board recommends.
* Dorothea to provide notes from the meeting to Mikel.
== Resourcing options for openstreetmap-website maintenance and development ==
|''Suggested by Mikel Maron.''
''Deferred to August public board meeting.''
== Brexit / research into EU member states as possible venues for reincorporation of OSMF ==
| ''Suggested by Allan Mustard.''
<font color="blue">Minutes to be added.</font>
== Consider updates to Board Rules of Order regarding circulars ==
|''Suggested by Mikel Maron.''
* History: Circulars were first implemented because the board then was not even be able to meet to have a quorum. They were a mechanism to have urgent decisions, even without physical meetings.
<u>Current typical use of circulars</u>
* Routine tasks such as the active contributor applications. For applications where discussion is needed, usually a board member comments on the board chat channel.
* Minor updates - Getting precise the wording of the vote.
* Time-sensitive tasks.
* Issues that are not urgent and put to a vote without prior thorough discussion.
** These should be discussed at board meetings. No reason to rush them.
<u>Points mentioned during discussion</u>
* Concern if instead of proposing a circular discussing the issue during a board meeting will increase the board meeting time. ''(Amanda)''
* Having a more asynchronous workflow ''(voting of circulars is usually open for 1 week)'' might be good for diversity and people who are not always available for meetings. ''(Amanda)''
* We have a mix of channels. Unsure if there is a need to formalise instead of having the elasticity to find the right balance. ''(Jean-Marc)''
* Good to update the board rules of order to reflect what we are currently doing and agreement with proposed wording. Topics not discussed are better to be added on agenda of board meetings - also good for transparency. ''(Tobias)''
* Point of contention is whether the issues have been discussed and debated before being voted. ''(Allan)''
** Hard to determine.
* Tobias to suggest wording change.
* To change the board rules of order to be able to withdraw a resolution.
<u>Wording suggestions</u><br>
Remove "non-urgent " from "Circular resolutions are not used for non-urgent topics that have not been thoroughly deliberated by the Board", as not applicable to Active Contributor Membership applications, as neither urgent nor they have been deliberated in most cases.
<u>Other points mentioned</u>
* One of the recent circulars was created after repeated questions from a community member. Expected/hoped to fail - now the decision is on the record.
** Caution to be exercised before proposing circulars - do not propose circulars that you hope that will fail ''(Brexit mentioned)''.
<u>On withdrawing circulars</u>
* The current board rules of order do not say anything regarding withdrawal of circulars.
* Parliamentary procedure: motions can be withdrawn if there is at least another person that agrees with the person that proposed the motion and wants to withdraw it. Could also be done for circulars too andthe board could add that explicitly in the rules of order.
'''Action''': Tobias to draft proposed changes to board rules of order regarding circulars.
== Discussion of Mastodon support ==
|''Suggested by Mikel Maron.''
<font color="blue">Minutes to be added.</font>
Decision: Discussion of Mastodon support to be added to August public board meeting.
== Current status of hiring of Senior Site Reliability Engineer ==
| ''Suggested by Amanda McCann.''
''Guillaume was absent.''
== HOT trademark grant ==
|''Suggested by Amanda McCann.''
''Has the current status been communicated to HOT?''
* Mikel chatted with Felix who is on the HOT board and wondering what is going-on.
* The HOT board composition will change next month - might have new people to speak to, as Ben will not be rerunning.
'''Action''': Amanda to contact the HOT board and say that the OSMF has not forgotten about the issue.
== OSMF policy for “State of the Map” trademark grants for places which are LGBTQ-unsafe ==
|''Suggested by Amanda McCann.''
<font color="blue">Minutes to be added.</font>
<u>Suggestion</u>: Think about what is the appropriate course of action and discuss it on the board chat channel.
== OSM website Terms of Use ==
|''Suggested by Amanda McCann.''
<font color="blue">Minutes to be added.</font>
'''Action''': Amanda to email the [[Licensing_Working_Group|Licensing Working Group]] (LWG) if they need the board to decide something.
== Membership Prerequisites ==
|''Suggested by Tobias Knerr.''
The board has asked the [[Membership_Working_Group|Membership Working Group]] (MWG) to come up with a proposal that will be put forward to the next AGM.
'''Action''': Tobias to remind the Membership Working Group about the pending proposal regarding membership prerequisites and set a deadline.
== St John's Innovation centre request for documents ==
'''Action''': The board to email the requested documents to Dorothea.
== FOSS policy special committee ==
'''Action''': Tobias to talk with the [[FOSS_Policy_Special_Committee|FOSS policy special committee]] and ask them what they want to happen in the future.
== 15th Annual General Meeting - pending tasks ==
== Translations of binding legal texts ==
''Suggested by Guillaume Rischard after the August Licensing Working Group meeting.''
The issue was probably raised because there are translations of terms of use, some are marked as unofficial, some are not.
<u>Decision</u>: Deferred for August public board meeting.
== Next meeting ==