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Difference between revisions of "Board Rules of Order"

7. Circular Resolutions updated per today's Board decision
(updated with new section on working groups and special committees)
(7. Circular Resolutions updated per today's Board decision)
# The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board has given itself the following set of rules to govern how the Board does its work.
# These rules were originally agreed on by the board on 2012-11-04, and most recently updated on 20202021-0709-1024, and will remain in force until they are replaced by a new set of rules, or abolished altogether.
==2. Board Duties==
==7. Circular Resolutions==
# Circular resolutions are board resolutions on time-sensitive issues agreed prior to a board meeting.
#Circular resolutions are used for time-sensitive issues, routine topics or minor updates to previously discussed items. They are not used for non-urgent, one-off topics that have not been thoroughly deliberated by the board.
# Any board member has the right to request a circular resolution at any time, by the means which electronic circulars are implemented (currently Loomio) together with a reasoning to the board mailing list. The reasoning should describe why the proposed resolution is in the best interests of OSMF.
# Circulars in general are open for one week, or can be extended to two weeks by request of any board member. Votes are tallied until the conclusion of the circular.