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Difference between revisions of "Annual General Meetings/2021"

(Michael Spreng will also have access to the OpaVote online platform and will confirm the results with OpenSTV)
* '''Please make sure that you have Javascript enabled. Disable any plugins that block content (like Decentraleyes or uBlock Origin)'''. Otherwise the list of the candidates will not be visible and you will send an empty vote.
* '''Test your browser settings before voting by visiting [https://www.opavote.com/en/vote/5350428679077888?p=1 this <placeholder> 1 sandbox voting page]''' where you should see a list of OpenStreetMap editors (randomised each time you load the page). Use the same browser settings when you proceed to vote for the election and resolutions. The sandbox page is only for testing purposes: the vote button does not work and votes on the OSM editors are not counted.
This is how the voting pages should look ''(except the red arrows and fake candidate list)'':