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Monthly presentation - OSMCha & links to 2021 presentation sections
(→‎Circular Resolutions: + Res41 "Define the remaining responsibilities of the FOSS Policy Special Committee")
(Monthly presentation - OSMCha & links to 2021 presentation sections)
== Monthly presentation - OSMCha ==
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''<u>About this monthly section</u>:''<br>
''In 2020 the board started hourly discussions with Corporate Member representatives on the Advisory Board and [https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2020-April/006725.html inviting] Local Chapter representatives on the Advisory Board to give 10' presentations during public board meetings (this slot). A year later, during the 2021-04 board meeting, delegation of the Local Chapter presentation scheduling was suggested by the Secretary (Rory McCann), who was previously solely responsible for that. Mikel Maron and Eugene Alvin Villar [[Board/Minutes/2021-04#Delegation_of_local_chapter_presentation_scheduling|offered to help with organisation]].''
'''2021 presentations'''
* Oct [[Board/Minutes/2021-10#Monthly_presentation_-_Uganda_community|Uganda community by Geoffrey Kateregga]]
* Sep [[Board/Minutes/2021-09#Monthly_presentation_-_Kathmandu_Living_Labs|Kathmandu Living Labs by Saurav Bhattarai]]
* Aug [[Board/Minutes/2021-08#Monthly_presentation:_Open_Mapping_Hub_-_Asia_Pacific|Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific by Nama Budhathoki]]
* Jul [[Board/Minutes/2021-07#Monthly_presentation_-_Sarah_Hoffmann|by Sarah Hoffmann]]
* Jun [[Board/Minutes/2021-06#Monthly_presentation:_OpenStreetMap_Philippines_by_Feye_Andal|OpenStreetMap Philippines by Feye Andal]]
* May [[Board/Minutes/2021-05#Monthly_presentation_-_Jochen_Topf|by Jochen Topf]]
* Jan [[Board/Minutes/2021-01#Monthly_Local_Chapter_presentation_-_OSM_UK|OSM UK by Jez Nicholson]]
[[osm:OSMCha|OSMCha]] presentation by [https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/wille Wille Marcel].
''Presenter not selected yet.''
== More topics to be added. List of topics will get locked on 2021-11-19 ==