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Difference between revisions of "Monthly Board Meetings"

→‎2021: + 2021-11-26 presentation: OSMCha
(→‎2021: + 2021-11-12 topics "EWG budget and administrative assistance", "Editing without an OSM account")
(→‎2021: + 2021-11-26 presentation: OSMCha)
* '''[https://osmvideo.cloud68.co/user/ror-nt7-6tu Join room]''' ''(read info on top of page)''
| <font color="blue">The list of topics will get locked one week before the meeting, on 2021-11-19.</font>
* [[Board/Minutes/2021-11#Treasurer.27s_report| Treasurer's report]] ''(recurring)''
* [[Board/Minutes/2021-11#Advisory_Board_-_monthly_update| Advisory Board - monthly update]] ''(recurring)''
* [[Board/Minutes/2021-11#Monthly_presentation_-_OSMCha|Monthly presentation - ''(recurring, presenter not set yet)''OSMCha]]
* [[Board/Minutes/2021-11#Guest_comments_or_questions|Guest comments or questions]]