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* '''Donations''': We received 1.8 Bitcoins (~ 77,000 GBP), already converted to Euros) ''([[Donate/Bitcoin|OSMF BitcoingBitcoin address]])''.
* '''Corporate members''':
** Facebook: Corporate membership invoice submitted. Treasurer has access to their "supplier" portal and waiting for them to provide access to Dorothea.
=== Questions and comments by guests on the chat ===
''How do you want to define the next committee? The members were nominated by the board. Do you want personal changes? (by Hanna Krüger, [[Microgrants/Committee|Microgrants committee]], guest)''<br>
> Happy with current committee composition. (Allan and Guillaume)<br>
<u>On conference organisers doing everything within their ability to ensure safety</u>
* We cannot burden the organisers to form their own police force to walk people arroundaround and ensure their safety.
* In big cities like Washington D.C., Istanbul, Moscow, there are areas that are safe to walk around and areas which are dangerous.
=== Questions by guests ===
==== International SotM in US ====
''Does this mean that there couldn't be a global SotM in the US due to systemic racism? (questionQuestion by Janet Chapman, guest)''
> There is a lot of nuance in the question.<br>
==== Countries with Visa requirements ====
''Should there be any consideration of places that greatly discriminate on visas? So many people from many places can't come? (questionQuestion by Janet Chapman, guest)''
> It is a consideration but it is separate from the topic here.
<u>Suggestions by the [[FOSS_Policy_Committee|FOSS Committee]] </u>:
* Perform another inventory of the OSMF's software landscape in 2022 and compare the outcome with the previous inventory.
* Document the lessons learned and recommendations for future inventory rounds. Publish and present to the board.
* [[Advisory_Board| Advisory Board]]d meeting on 2 November, open to observers at https://osmvideo.cloud68.co/user/dor-xfp-n4t-nuw
* There was an email from the board to local chapter representatives on the Advisory Board about potential board candidates. It resulted in a discussion mainly with OSM[https://osmuk.org/ OSM-UK] ([[Local_Chapters|Local Chapter]]) about whether OSMF could support or compensate the [[Local_Chapters|local chapters]] for local chapter administrative tasks. Five suggestions were made by OSM-UK: shared networking, paying, run systems like membership database, contractor for local chapter projects, more [[Microgrants|microgrant]] rounds.
* Meeting of the OSMF board and Advisory Board in November (open to observers). It will include presentations by ESRI and Microsoft ''(Gold OSMF [[Corporate_Members|Corporate Members]])''. Secretary to send invitation.