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Board Rules of Order: Difference between revisions

Update to add NextCloud Polls as per 2022/Res02 https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2022-01#2022/Res02_Update_Board_Rules_of_Order_to_mention_NextCloud_polls_for_circular_resolutions
(7. Circular Resolutions updated per today's Board decision)
(Update to add NextCloud Polls as per 2022/Res02 https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2022-01#2022/Res02_Update_Board_Rules_of_Order_to_mention_NextCloud_polls_for_circular_resolutions)
# Circular resolutions are board resolutions agreed prior to a board meeting.
#Circular resolutions are used for time-sensitive issues, routine topics or minor updates to previously discussed items. They are not used for non-urgent, one-off topics that have not been thoroughly deliberated by the board.
# Any board member has the right to request a circular resolution at any time, by the means which electronic circulars are implemented (currently OSMF's NextCloud Polls, or if needed Loomio) together with a reasoning to the board mailing list. The reasoning should describe why the proposed resolution is in the best interests of OSMF.
# Circulars in general are open for one week, or can be extended to two weeks by request of any board member. Votes are tallied until the conclusion of the circular.
# The proposed resolution concludes under either of these conditions