StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2015/2015-03-19 Meeting

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These minutes are a draft March 19th 2015, 17:30 GMT


  1. Gregory Marler
  2. Randy Meech
  3. Richard Weait


  1. Rob Nickerson
  2. Harry Wood
  3. Henk Hoff

Minutes of previous meetings

Greg: If anyone has any objections please declare them, otherwise can we record the meetings of our previous meetings as accepted.

Randy: “A race to get the date” wasn’t correctly portrayed in minutes, although not inaccurate exactly.

Gregory: agreed, the statement wasn’t intended as competition when you made it.

From Rob

Review of actions from last time

  1. All done except sorting out the website issue.
  2. I'm awaiting response from Kathleen (have emailed 3 times now).

My priorities

  1. Get a website set up for SotM 2016. If OWG can set us up a WordPress site then I can add some content (mappa mercia is on WordPress so I am used to that).
  2. Keep publicising the call for venues.

From Harry

I have an update for you though. I was looking at getting the old SOTM website back up. I haven't been able to get a reply from Fernando or Gonzalo about their server, but I have the code. I'll be working with Firefishy on redeploying it. I'm actually rewriting it in PHP to make that easier (mostly done)

Actions from last meeting

Nothing pending besides the website and Kathleen’s involvement, as mentioned in Harry's and Rob’s reports.

Richard: I’ve not seen anything from Gonzalo or Fernando on list.

Call for Venues 2016

Greg: additional promotion?

Richard: I’ve heard back from one, not public yet

Randy: I’ve been encouraging a (different) group

Richard: Anyone coming to me, I’ve encouraged them to go public to support others making bids.

Randy: I’ve been telling people I can help with finances and sponsors.

Greg: Do we need to clarify sponsorship/finance is not essential and winning bid will get help?

Richard: That’s always been the case, I’m not sure where the idea you need finance has come from.

Agreement: Suggestion to clarify that to considering teams.

Agreement: Let’s encourage other groups, pushing out the call and also talking to specific groups.

WG Members List

Greg: If we can define who the members of this WG are, then I can update the list on the OSMF website.

  1. Gregory Marler
  2. Henk Hoff
  3. Randy Meech
  4. Richard Weait
  5. Rob Nickerson (interim lead)
  6. Serge W

Richard: Is Serge on the e-mail list?

Gregory: Not sure (as I don’t know where I can see the members), or who can manage that list.

Next Meeting

Next Thursday, 17:30, as we didn't have the full members this week.

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Close of Meeting

Meeting ended 17:50.