StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2015/2015-04-20 Meeting

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These minutes are a draft Meeting 2015-04-20 Location: Skype


  • Serge
  • Rob
  • Richard


  • Gregory
  • Randy


  • Henk
  • Gonzalo
  • Fernando

Review of Venue bids

We received 3 bids; Bucharest, Montréal & Brussels. Rob has sent thank you notes to all 3.

We reviewed the three bids and thank the three bidding teams. Each bid shows promise and potential. The SotM-WG will now work with all three bid teams to refine their bids by clarifying some items and adding some others.


We now have a WordPress site set up for SotM 2016 on (and www.). Thanks Grant. Just a basic page now with no particular theming. Should members want an account and/or help learning WordPress then contact Rob. The theme can be determined with the support of the host city.

Code of conduct

Rob raised the point that a code of conduct was discussed during the run up to State of the Map 2013 but not implemented. Rob suggested we adopt the same text as State of the Map US for ease. Richard expressed his view that it would be good to have a look at 2 or 3 different options and agreed to find some examples for us to review via email.


  • Richard
    • Call to assist teams with refining bids.
    • Codes of Conduct for review.