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SotM WG meeting

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August 10th 2015, 19:00 GMT


  • Gregory Marler
  • Rob Nickerson
  • Joost
  • Alyssa
  • Ben
  • Henk (joined late)

Absent Apologies

  • Marc Ducobu
  • Pieter-Jan Pauwels
  • Christine Karch
  • Serge

The meeting had many technical difficulties. Some discussion may have been missed. Towards the end, unknowingly, two meetings were occurring at once. Minutes by Gregory.

Update: Sponsorship team

  • Key message agreed. Randy offered to write the draft.
  • Randy is working on that, no rush right away.
  • Next step would be to brainstorm/plan which people to approach for sponsorship. Ben could think about local potentials in Brussels/Belgium. * We can set up a spreadsheet to jot down ideas and which contacts people have.
  • Rob to set up the spreadsheet for us all to contribute to.

Update: Design/Web team

  • Alyssa: not aware of movement with this yet. Unclear Tatiana how much she’ll be able to take on. Once sponsorship package in some form, need to work out what we are trying to sell.
  • Alyssa: Would be good to know what funds we have from OSMF for a paid designer. Current state of (OpenStreetMap) conferences need this.
  • Rob: We’ll see where we get with Tatiana given that she’s offered. Got her skype details but it didn’t connect. She’s said she won’t be able to respond over the first few weeks.
  • Rob: Can anything be done on the website while waiting for her return/response.
  • Alyssa: we could set up infrastructure for her.
  • Ben: I could do that, starting with the website from SotM-EU and building from that.
  • Alyssa: SotM US was built on Github so we could start from that.
  • Ben: looking at how SotM US was setup. Can do this on my account and then move it. Not sure what the cost is.
  • Alyssa: OSMF will be able to have an account.
  • Joost: Tatiana has arrived in Belgium now so we might be able to meet up with her.
  • Rob: Address is with all of you on that, so you can sub-communicate using that. Would be good to link with Tatiana and understand her capacity. OSMF are keep to host it on their servers, Grant Slater can help with that.

Update: Logo Competition

Upcoming tasks

  • Rob: Good to think about this, although some are dependant on the EU parliament process, which Henk is attending in September.
  • Brainstorm potential keynote speakers.
  • Rob: Significant companies in the geospatial space, in Brussels, Europe, or the wider world. Any ideas you want to share now or share them on e-mail, or a joint document. Over the next few weeks if we think about it and share ideas on e-mail.

Investigate venue for hack event / workshops on day after SotM

  • Rob: any progress made on approaching venues for this?
  • Ben: I e-mailed someone at the govt GIS dept in Brussels, but no response yet. I think it’s a bad time to do this during the holiday season. I missed the last meeting, I’m not sure if someone else was going to do something. I’m fairly sure we can have the hack day there, I’m just not aware of their infrastructure, room size etc, it would be good to have more information about what to expect?
  • Alyssa: I think it’s fair to think of a percentage of the conf attendees. I’m thinking 500 people for conference, so a hackday that can accommodate 50-100 people is good.
  • (Rob disconnects while talking about the need for a good connection at the hack day)
  • Alyssa: one big space that allows for different activities to happen (at different desks) or multiple classrooms.
  • Rob: Sunday last day of conference, or Monday?
  • Henk: The international conf has normally been 3 days (Fri-Sun), so a separate hack day on an additional Monday. Or we could do it as a parallel track. As another track, the K building would be very good. As an additional day, it’s sometimes done at a different location.
  • Rob: one option is to do workshops on Sunday, one of which could be a hackathon (alongside doing your first edit, HOT teaching, etc). There’s been requests in the past for a dedicated hackday on the Monday.
  • Greg: often the thought has been additional/optional for those still around.
  • Alyssa: SotM US was very much in the schedule, with workshops for all ranges of skills. I would encourage an extra day with 3 tracks and ask who would help at them.
  • Rob: to conclude we’ve mainly work done 3 days, including workshops (primarily 3rd day, Sunday), then optional hack on an extra (Mon) day.
  • That makes sense for me and the developers can go to the workshops to bridge the community gap.
  • Greg: makes sense to me, and flexibility on Sunday depending on number of proposed talks/workshops for the conf.
  • Alyssa: personally I think they should be combined. I think people want to go to Fri-Sat the talks, then when there’s a switch a think good for hands-on either learning new technologies in workshop or do a hack project on Sunday.
  • Rob: if we do that on the 3rd day, should we then offer the option to stay on for a 4th day of hack.
  • Alyssa: no, I think people should choose hack day or workshops.
  • Rob: workshops used by devs as an opportunity to interest new people and then the devs can’t get involved in hack days.

Additional venue

  • Ben: I took the liberty of looking at another university. Everything in one building, much more space and probably cheaper than ULB. I can send all the details for that.
  • Rob: Do they have availability in the August-September time we looked at?
  • Ben: 16th August, and week after. I’ve done some cost calculations that I can send over. Close to ULB. We can go there and have a quick look, but it will be my suggestion to switch to that. We didn’t look at alternatives in the past, but it’s become clearer what is required of the conference.
  • Rob: If you can find time to look at the uni and confirm it is better. And to e-mail the details, as not everyone still on the call.
  • Greg: putting notes in the SotM Next document would be good Ben, as you understand what words/descriptions would have been better to you.

Research accommodation

Point on agenda but not discussed?

Action items

  • Randy: Continue work on sponsorship pack. Thanks for offering to do this.
  • Rob: To set up potential-sponsors spreadsheet for us all to contribute to.
  • Ben/Design team: Look at setup of previous websites and if it is appropriate to start setting up something. Contact Tatiana to find out how much she is willing to help with (design only or server set up etc).
  • Ben/Joost: May help if set up meeting with Tatiana who is now in Belgium.
  • Ben: Send alternative venue details by e-mail
  • All: To promote the logo competition.
  • All: Start to think about potential keynote speakers (local and global).

Meeting ended

(after some technical difficulties during the call) +47 minutes