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2018-05-14 20:00 UTC


Present: Michael, Mikel, Christine, Marco, Alessandro, Francesco

Lead: Mikel

Minutes by: Michael

Volunteers at SotM (53)

  • we have 15 local volunteers

Blog post about published schedule (102)

  • draft will be shown to the other team members tomorrow

Guidebook design (97)

  • local print shop would be good but it would also be good if Michael and the print shop speak the same language to avoid another member of the team translating in between
  • metro map should be included in the booklet but no whole travel guide
  • Alessandro will ask the transport authority for a permission to print it in the booklet
  • booklet will contain (simplified) planimetric floor plan of the building
  • with abstracts a bit more than the estimated 104 pages, without abstracts about 40 pages
  • Michael will come up with a design and some abstracts and table being typesetted in two to three weeks.
  • Michael will ask his favourite print shop for a quote.

Lanyards (105)

  • we will get vendor list from Wikimedia Italy and will ask for quotes
  • discussion whether we will have to colours for people who don't want to be photographed and those who agree. Suggestion to use green/red stickers instead.

Photos and privacy/data protection

  • related to lanyards topic
  • discussion whether we have to ask speakers to sign something for the video recording → discussion will be continued on a ticket

T-Shirts (93)

  • short summary of the discussion on the ticket
  • We agree that Fruit of the Loom is of good quality (thick cotton).
    • 3 colours for 400 is 1.508 + 22% = 1840€ → 4.6 € each
    • 3 colours for 500 is 1.860 + 22% = 2270€ → 4.54 € each
    • Someone is working on this from Wikimedia Italia side this week.

Content from sponsors for booklet (108)

  • Michael will coordinate with Dorothea about the email to them.

Banners and signs (106)

  • short summary of the progress

Call for venues 2019 (100)

  • Christine reviewed all carefully and has prepared a spreadsheet for comparison based on the questions asked in the bid template.
  • There are some issues. For example, some bids don't have a venue yet, some venues are very expensive. One bit doesn't mention OpenStreetMap at all. The teams are often too small to let us be sure that the event will be a success.
  • There is sufficient information in most of the bids, no further questions or clarifications are needed at this stage for the selection. However, we will give feedback to unsuccessful applicants in order to help prepare future bids.
  • Decision is deferred to a later call and we wait for a response by Rob.

Switching to Mumble (72)

  • Next meeting will be hold on the HOT Mumble server instead on Google Hangouts.
  • Question which channel to use there? Any free. If it works, we will ask for our own channel.
  • Christine sends email to all to remember of the change.

Blog post about academic track

  • Marco wrote an update about the success of the academic track. We will publish it not now because the blog post about the programme is more important.