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Time and location: 2018-07-02 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Alessandro, Christine, Francesco, Gregory, Marco, Michael, Rob

Lead: Rob

Minutes by: Gregory

OSMF State of the Map Working Group Minutes 2 July 2018 19:00 UTC

Italian translation service

  • We have enough budget.
  • Agreed to contract.

Volunteer drive session (122)

  • on 17:40 in breakout room or courtyard


  • close to ready now
  • sponsors content? Michael has all content now, except & KAART - no time left to wait for them.
    • we should just add their logos for their content. ACTION: Rob to find their colour logos by tomorrow evening
  • Metro map now finished
  • social event page needs to be done, rewriting content to-be-done
  • Maps to crreate & add (1 on back cover, 1 on page opposite social event)
  • a few mistakes mentioned
  • Legal text would be better as "State of the Map 2018 is jointly organised by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, in association with Politecnico di Milano and Wikimedia Italia." so it's clear who is the main organiser/responsible organisation.(or something to that affect)
  • agreed about no abstracts?
  • this had already been agreed
  • titles/authors of presentations
  • much discussion on trying to fit in as much of the abstract titles as possible
  • On welcome page(3) we could add "Programe: You can view the conference schedule starting on page ?, or see the schedule with talk abstracts at"
  • can do "<first name> et all" if there are 3 or more people, this is being done
  • will try with expanding the table closer to the edges
  • add the text about buying the ticket using contectless payment cards... "If your journey starts on the metro, you can now use contactless bank cards to pay for your trip."

Poster Competition

  • Now closed
  • About 10 recieved. Just need to check they are all okay to print (nothing offensive or copyright infringement)
  • Can be printed by Geofabrik, who will be able to bring them to Milan on Thursday
  • Local team will put posters in place on Friday



  • They don't have the XXXL size. Asked if they can be replaced with a similar model, or replace with XXL.
  • agreed that they should be same size different model, as long as they are the same colour.
  • male fit and female fit are both in the order
  • Final design is: logo in the front middle, no text. OpenStreetMap is written on lower right side. Agreed
  • Last order in by next Monday evening, and final quantity.

Wikimedia Italia bags

  • Wikimedia would like to buy bags for the welcome pack, so we can put all the things in.
  • The other way to distribute them is that you get the booklet when you register, can have a t-shirt stand/table to collect your t-shirts, other things (like stickers) can be distributed on tables around the foyer area so you can pick up what you like. Otherwise it seems odd to have a bag without a lot in it (sees "naff", boring). Saves time putting stuff in bags (took a long time in 2013), saves bags that get thrown away.

Lanyard inlay printing

  • When is the deadline to tell them what you want printed?
  • We have 1 week, need to send the list on ?next Monday?. Lanyards ordered on the same day.
  • Will also need some blanks included.
  • Do we have a design yet for the lanyard inlay, or do we need to do that?
  • Yes, WikiMedia have someone who will do that.

Number of registrations to date

We now have 272 people registered.

Invitation tickets

  • The community tickets, will they be okay?
  • Yes, that will be fine.

Meeting ended at 20:20 UTC.