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Time and location: 2018-07-09 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Rob, Christine, Michael, Marco, Alessandro, Francesco

Lead: Rob

Minutes by: Michael, Alessandro

OSMF State of the Map Working Group Minutes 9 July 2018 19:00 UTC

Merchandise updates (lanyards, banners/signs, stickers, tshirts)

We are a bit late because we're organizing conference press

I need the number of registered. Tomorrow morning I've have to send the final number of T-shirt. Having the progression of registering in the last weeks of SotM2016 would help to estimate how many t-shirt should order.

Lanyards: we decided the draft a couple weeks ago. The graphics should be still polished

After we've lauched t-shirt order (tomorrow) we start to think to the banners. Alessandro has already ordered 270 t-shirts + 80 t-shirts vor volunteers (which have a different color).

Tomorrow Wikimedia Italia will also order bags, so the day before the conference the bags will be prepared with everything inside (booklet, sticker, sticker to vote for the poster, etc.)

Lanyards: under work

Guidebook: no news (i.e. good news)

Social event

Rob emailed agency in England asking for an response today. Rob did not receive anything about the legal dispute between Old Fashion and the police. Alessandro does not know more because anything beyond the intial stabbery is not important enough for national media.

If Old Fashion stays closed:

Alessandro: We found three potential places for the social events. He sent a couple of emails and will have phone calls to get more details.

Christine asks for a minimum age limit for younger visitors or for pubs in general.

Alessandro: OF might be classified as a discotheque. Normally you can enter a disco if you are 16 years old. The other places are not classified as discotheques.

Rob: Do the other three venues provide catering and do we know anything about costs yet?

Alessandros favourite place offers a quite good menu for 25 EUR/person + 5–7 EUR to enter. We can add a few drinks until th EUR 40 limit. We can get all three locations for EUR 40 or less.

The alternatives play music but do not have a dance floor. That's not bad.

Rob asks Alessandro to share details (menus, photos). Rob will try to get in touch with the agency (again).

Response to Doug

Background: Doug from Google Switzerland wants to have some exhibition place for Plus Codes. We answered already that he needs a sponsorship package for a booth in the exhibition area.

We will ask him to send us a copy of the leaflet in advance to "review" it and check if they are not too googelish. In general, anybody can place leaflet in the corridor.

Another organisation wants to do interview with visitors and have a banner. A banner would go too far but a breakout session is ok. It is hard to say no to charities but our conference is financed by a large part by sponsors and that's why we have to be careful.

Review venue layout

Where will the catering be? – There are three options:

  • good weather: outside the building (north east of building 3). It's a place where the students do parties.
  • alternative: south part of the open space in the inner garden of the building. The catering perfers this location because they fear that it might be to hot outside.
  • bad weather: in the collonates where we haven't placed any tables yet

We have to estimate how many menus we have to order different than the standard menu (vegetarian, halal, vegan, …). We have to pay a little bit more money but we have to tell them how many we need of these.

Deadline for ordering special menus: a roughly number as early as we can, exactly number one week in advance

Is the catering aware that we are more than 300 people? We should serve coffee and food at two different locations. – They are aware of it and know it.

Marco's office offers a few tables (2) which have to be carried down from his office in the first floor down to the ground floor.

Info pack for exhibitors

Send information to the sponsor how big are tables, if there is ACplug (there is), place of banner

Volunteer plan update

Marco asked the volunteers when they are available and what special skills they have. Francesca did the survey and has collected the result.

  • 10–12 persons for the receiption on Saturday
  • Volunteers will be distributed in the rooms
  • Marco will be in academic track on Sunday (and to assist there)
  • 15 volunteers in total + 6 or 7 from the staff
  • meeting with those volunteers living in Milan one week in advance to get to know them and to form the team

Rob: We had a instant messaging in Brussels to keep rooms in sync during parallel sessions if one ends later than expected.

Room for volunteer drive session

Michael asks which of the rooms offers more space around the tables. Marco says that De Donato should be better.

Delivery of booklet

The booklet will be delivered directly to Milan.

Meeting ended on 20:06 UTC.