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Most discussions of the SotM Working Group happen on GitHub issues (private repository). The meetings take place every second Monday on the Mumble server of HOT project. The frequency of the meetings might increase in the last weeks before the conference.

These minutes are no formal minutes but serve to inform the membership about the activity of the working group. There is no guarantee that all meetings are minuted. See also our entries on

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Time and location: 2018-07-16 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Alessandro, Michael, Rob, Gregory, Mikel, Marco, Francesco

Lead: Rob

Minutes by: Michael

Speaker signups

Social Event

  • Old Fashion will be open. "Just Cavalli" is our backup provided by the event agency.
  • Minors are permitted in Old Fashion during the exclusive period (until 22:00) but not at JC.
  • Concerns because minors cannot enter Just Cavalli at all. We should find a solutions for the affected families. Options: reducing fee or giving them money on hand. However, it looks unlikely that OF will be closed again.


Ilya asking for comments/votes on the books he suggested as prices.

Video streaming

  • Everthing is arranged now.
  • Can we get the livestream URL in advance? – yes we can do a test almost every day


  • first version of a table assigning tasks to volunteers exists
  • at registration: 8 people, Sunday: 6 or 5, Monday: 4
  • Alessandro and partially Marco also available
  • Meeting with local volunteers from Milan in Milan on Thursday this week. These are less than 10 people.
  • Some will come on Friday to set up the tables.
  • Volunteers for any Code of Conduct issues has to be choosen
    • Gregory will be one.
    • second person should be also fluent in Italian

Scholarship (88 + ?)

  • Hotel is booked. Flights are booked.
  • Got instruction to send them for travel from airport to hotel.

Ticket sales

  • current 320 people registered in total including volunteers

Poster entry

  • Christine checked them and they are all ok.
  • They will be printed locally.
  • There are four or five posters about abstracts which has not been accepted for the academic track. Shall we separate them from the other ones?

Pay venue deposit

  • invoice update


  • What information is going to be added in the dotted line? Name? User name? Company? – Second line is for nickname or the of the company.
  • Is the information printed on the lanyard or hand-written? – hand-written
  • Michael offers to produce lanyards as PDF for printout.
  • Alessandro planned hand-written lanyards but others think that printed is better.
  • Discussion whether press lanyards should have checkboxes for days: No, we don't add these boxes. It's overkill.

Banners and signs

  • Check if green is correct green.
  • Rob reminds that type C (hanging) needs ropes to hang them.
  • 2 type A, 5 type B and 3 type C as decided in a previous meeting

Info pack for exhibitors (107)

  • Francesco wrote one, it looks good on a quick glance. Will be sent today.
  • Custom issues with the delivery of one sponsor.

Official photographer

  • Saturday and Sunday: official photographer
  • Monday: no official photographer
  • We need invoices to be able to pay them.

Special session

  • Michael sent emails to all other working groups.
  • responses by EWG and LWG
  • Gregory will chair session and prepare slides.
  • Michael to ask the missing ones via chat.

All speakers have to buy a ticket

  • last time 20 people without a ticket
  • ticket sales has increased yes
  • We don't have an update yet.
  • Discussion whether panel guests have to pay a ticket: No, they don't. They will get a special guest lanyard instead.

  • Gold sponsors have two slides. Rob to send an email to them. He will ask if we should reuse content of the last year.

Financial support for scholars

  • 4 scholars will receive enhanded level of support. They will get a daily amount of cash (30 EUR per person). They will receive the cash at the first day of SotM. They will also need some money on Friday. Money will be placed in an envelope and deposed at the hotel.
  • Envelopes have to be brought to the hotel (one only) on Friday morning. Marco is not available because he is needed in the venue.

Venue layout

Catering order

  • Final figures have to be sent on Friday.
  • 320 people for all three days or some less on Monday? – Guessing by various members of the team. Smaller number on Monday seems sensible. If there is a lot of wasted food, we can ask the catering company to deliver

Blog entry

  • Michael will write one.
  • to be published on next Sunday

Email to speakers in advance

  • should contain information about availability of a computer, what they have to prepare, whether slides should be sent ahead of time
  • Each room will have a laptop already there. The local will bring one or two laptops for emergency situations. The laptops in the rooms are Windows machines with internet access. PowerPoint, PDF and web presentations are fine.
  • Aspect ratio is full HD 16:10.
  • HDMI and VGA is at least available for your own laptop.
  • How are presentations loaded on Windows laptops? – In the break before the session in the room.

Master ticket sponsorship (49)

  • To be dones:
    • send details of exhibition space: ready to be send
    • verbal thanks for the opening: to be agreed who will do the opening
    • mention sponsors in the newsletter: traditionally after the conference
    • logo on sponsors banner: done


  • has been delivered to Polimi

The meeting ended on 20:20 UTC.