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Time and location: 2018-08-13 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Rob, Christine, Gregory, Marco, Michael

Lead: Rob

Minutes by: Michael, Alessandro


Congratulations from Rob, with run down of statistics and general positive points from the "hugely successful State of the Map, Milan 2018"

Exact number of attendees?

  • 420 total (418 registered online, 1 via invoice and 1 cash sale). We also had 4 cash sales for social event only.


Lightning talks

  • Those that signed up on the day, we should add details to the website so we can add slides and video.


  • Videos are here: (temporary link not included in public minutes)
  • Gregory will upload videos to YouTube with descriptions. Global setting done so all videos allow community translations/captions(subtitles).


  • Only the venue invoice is missing, the others have been paid/reimbursed to Wikimedia Italia.

Missing OsmAnd advertisement in the guidebook

  • Rob sent an email a few days ago but have not received a response. He will send a reminder.

Feedback survey

  • No response or results from Benoît about the feedback survey.

A few other Github tasks

  • 2019 feedback to bids, anyone give comment but Rob will try to put a message together for each of them.
  • A few things "not-2018" still open.
  • We could try to work on them in next month and close if no action needed, or do what's needed.


  • Rob:
    • First time we've got more than 12 months to plan next year.
    • If you're wanting to continue on, as many helpers & volunteers will be welcome.
    • Timeline can be taken and adapted. If doing a logo competition, then over December might be good for when people are less stressed.
  • End of September, start of October would be good for first kick-off meeting with Heidelberg. How to find a logo will be one of the first tasks.
  • Christine to set up a Doodle poll (later?) to decide when meetings will take place.
  • On the "wiki" section of Github, there's quite a few ideas for future years.
  • Clash of date with FOSS4G: It won't be an issue in 2019 because they picked 26–30 August 2019, Bucarest, see
  • Suggestion on investigating other tools to use. This should be investigated/setup soon, as switching short-notice can be troublesome.
  • Feedback on social event. Security checks (unexpected) and volume went loud towards the end of our private booking.
    • All bags search, big bags(not handbags) and bottles had to be put in a cloakroom.
    • Metal detector searches, and required to empty pockets for that.
    • Space was generally good, lots of places to sit or stand with people.
  • Lots of rubbish(paper bags) from the catering company
    • Cheap catering is a bit of the result of that, we could pay more to be more environment concious.
    • Also dependent on country/services availability, Germany will hopefully be better.
    • The local team did arrange for the left over food to be collected and reused.
  • Birds of a feather, really popular. Sometimes had 2 rooms, sessions always full.
    • Suggested we repeat having multiple rooms.
  • Booklet
    • Could consider rearranging and having some abstracts.
    • Might need to ask submitters to provide shorter text/subtitle that can go in the booklet.
    • Could try something online that helps.
  • Social Event Feedback
    • Music was too loud at the end but good (not too loud) for a long time. Security checks were annoying but in general, the venue was good, had a lot of space and the food was good.
    • Some (typical) confusion of drink 2 token system. Every drink after that was EUR 10 each? Marco reports that he asked for a bottle of water and got one for free.

Meeting ended at 19:53 UTC.