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Meeting of the scholarship subgroup

Time and location: 2019-01-30 at 15:00 UTC on Mumble, HOT Mumble server


  • Mikel Maron (board)
  • Rachel VanNice (HOT)
  • Melanie Eckle (Heidelberg Uni./HOT)
  • Sven Lautenbach (Heidelberg Uni.)
  • Christine Karch (WG lead)

Minutes by: Dorothea

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Top priorities

  • to define how we will form the selection team and begin recruiting # Plan to begin recruiting # Messages
  • begin developing submission form, based on last year's.
  • begin drafting blog post.


Some points have been reordered.


  • Communication: Make clear that these are SotM/OSMF scholarships which can be extended to cover HOT summit (financially covered by HOT)
  • Framing/Labeling: OSMF scholarship with provisional HOT summit supplement
  • Financial: HOT will be covering hotel, registration and daily stipend during HOT summit

Action items

  • (done) @dorotheakazazi to start list of potential selection team members to be contacted, including names mentioned during the meeting and past scholars
  • (done) @slautenb to check if the University of Heidelberg has contact person at Foreign Ministry of Germany.
  • (done) @dorotheakazazi to check if last year invitation letters were also sent from Wikimedia Italia.
  • (done) @mikelmaron to suggest some people for the scholars' selection team.

Submission form

  • Rachel volunteered to help (submissions open on Feb 15th).
  • Potential additions to existing notes:
    • Ask if they are applying for a grant for another event taking place about the same time as SotM.
    • Ask -if they will apply for a Visa- if they will be available for gathering their documents in their previous months or if they have any plans to be away for long during that period.
    • Ask if their passport needs renewal.
    • Can mention minimum list of required documents.

Scholars' selection team

  • Goal: 7-10 persons
  • Christine described the process to select the program committee.
    • 3 persons (Martin, Gregory, Christine) compiled the initial list of people to approach.
    • Would have asked the Local Chapters, but there was no time.
    • Decided to ask people from various communities/countries/thematical areas.
    • Team: 10-15 persons
    • Will also involve everyone in the call for papers and will ask if they want to introduce speakers.

Selection team: people that are/might be interested

  • Sven _(confirmed)_
  • Rebecca from HOT _(confirmed)_
  • Laura Mugeha _(SotM 2018 scholar - expressed interest)_
  • Past scholars _(have understanding of process and geographic diversity)_

Visa related


  • 80 beds booked by local team in various hostels from 27 Eur/night, in different categories.
  • Rooms are shared
  • Duration of reservation: from day before SotM and duration of HOT summit.
  • Distance from venue: can be walked.
  • Cancellation: up to 8 weeks in advance of SotM


  • Need some places for team.
  • Might need some reservations to start 2 days before SotM, for scholars in cases where flying two days before is cheaper than staying an extra day at Heidelberg.

Invitation letters

  • Easier to get them signed by Institute of Geography, rather than Heidelberg University.

Next meeting

12th of February, 15:00 UTC