StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2019/2019-02-07 Meeting

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Most discussions of the SotM Working Group happen on GitHub issues (private repository). The meetings take place every second Monday on the Mumble server of HOT project. The frequency of the meetings might increase in the last weeks before the conference.

These minutes are no formal minutes but serve to inform the membership about the activity of the working group. There is no guarantee that all meetings are minuted. See also our entries on

Time and location: 2019-02-07 21:00 CET, HOT Mumble server


  • Agreement on estimated timeline possible? (Issue #48)
  • Pretalx
    • where do we host
    • is pretalx ready until 20 February?
  • Program committee
    • Presentation of members
  • Academic committe
    • Report about academic Meeting
  • Call for Scholars
    • Are there any needs?
  • New mailing lists, mail addresses:
    • program-sotm, academic-sotm, scholar-sotm, sponsor-sotm
    • who wants to be subscribed on which mailinglist?
  • Website
    • Sponsors: Website and PDF: change of sponsor email address (
    • Sponsors: Logo, who cares to implement the logo send in by the sponsors?
  • Venue
    • some details about last meeting with Hr. Maurer (responsible person)
    • communication with VOC for organizing a meeting at venue
  • Public Transportation
    • details about offered deal from VRN
  • Blogpost (Draft at Etherpad at known location)
    • Agreement for publishing this week?


Present: Christine, Nakaner, Marco, Melanie, Fabian, Martin, Yair, Rachel, slatuerbach, Rafael

Lead: Christine

Minutes: Nakaner

Estimated timeline (#48)

Christine presents estimated timeline.
Martin asks whether we publish the deadlines.
Michael: They are not for the public. Some are published when appropriate (e.g. deadline for early bird tickets when sales starts)
Christine: We can communicate the dates as "estimated"

Christine: The dates for CfP and call for scholars are currently our fix dates.

Programme committee

Christine reached out to potential members of the programme committee.
Martin thinks that it is a good selection.
Chrsitine will create the mailing list for the committee. She says that Satoshi prefers to have written meetings because he cannot use Hangouts. In the end, there might be a Mumble meeting (for finalizing the schedule).

Academic PC meeting

Marco reports about the Mumble meeting of the academic PC. They introduced each other. They discussed about the topics, how to manage the call for papers, if and how they want the proceedings. They all agreed that there are multiple ways to do it. Each way has its pros and cons. They agree to have the same deadline with the general CfP: end of February for start and ~ 25. April for deadline.

They will collect long abstracts and look for a place where to publish them with a doi, so that we can create proceedings. Zenodo ( is the first candidate we will test.

Submissions which are not accepted can be presented as posters.

They asked if special longer abstracts are possible in Pretalx.

The general agreement was to collect abstracts of more than 500 words (which is the minumum to be able to assess them properly, as we did last year). The idea may be 500-800/500-1000 words, but needs still to be decided.

Michael created test accounts for Yair and Marco on his Pretalx instance.


Melanie reports about plans w.r.t. scholarship. HOT has its own scholarship system mainly for speakers and Youthmappers. HOT will pay

New mailing lists

There are new mailing lists: scholarship, sponsors, academic programme committee and normal programme committee

The new sponsors@ address has to be put into the sponsor information sheet.

Christine asks whether someone wants to join the sponsors mailing list to help Dorothea and her.


Martin had a meeting with the person responsible for the venue about two weekings ago. They want to clarify right now what kind of internet connectivity we need. It would be good to have this meeting soon.

Michael asks whether the meeting has to be in person. Martin: not really

Martin further: They also discussed other topics like access, catering and security. We were able to convince them that the conference is related to topic of research. Therefore, the rent will cost EUR 500 only. They recommended the Klinikum services for catering. They are often doing catering at conferences there.

Christine suggests to have a meeting in Heidelberg together with the VOC representative.

Michael asks if the third room is available on Friday afternoon and evening. Prof. Zipf will ask the professor doing a lecture their to shift it to another lecture hall or do a practical day.

Draft blog post

Michael thinks the the draft blog entry is good but small headings should be added and a

VRN Kombiticket

slauterbach: VRN offers two options:

  • everyone gets a ticket (Kombiticket) – about 1.50 EUR (incl. 7% VAT) per day, whole VRN area, minimum charge of EUR 1000 of the total event (we would reach that with our 400 participants)
  • we sell tickets for those who want – they would give us a series of daily tickets or cover the whole range of the conference. This costs EUR 6.00 per participant and day.

Michael is in favour of the kombiticket.

slatuerbach: asked if online tickets were possible – answer: no

Chrstine: We have to discuss how we handle it from financial point of view and how we put it on the nametags.

Next meeting

Christine proposes to have the next meeting in March and prepare the CfP and its release on GitHub. Others agree.