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Meeting of the scholarship subgroup

Date and time: 2019-02-12 at 15:00 UTC on Mumble


  • Mikel Maron (board)
  • Melanie Eckle (Heidelberg Uni./HOT)
  • Rachel VanNice (HOT)
  • Sven Lautenbach (Heidelberg Uni.)

Minutes by Dorothea

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Action item updates

  • @slautenb _Regarding contact person at Foreign Office:_ His contact at the University is ill.

New action items

  • [x] @mikelmaron @MelEckle @slautenb @ChristineKarch to provide feedback in next 1-2 days about [submission form](LINK)
  • [x] @slautenb and @dorotheakazazi to move their comments from the Gdoc to #42
  • [x] @dorotheakazazi to write a [draft email]( to 2018 scholars and ask if interested to be in the scholars' selection team.
  • [ ] @dorotheakazazi to share a modified version of last year's scholars' acceptance letter.
  • [x] @MelEckle to draft announcement blog post. To be published: 15th of February.
  • [ ] @mikelmaron to ask for quick feedback by wider WG on scholarships' announcement blog post.
  • [ ] @vannicer to check YouthMappers' timeline regarding their own HOT scholarships.


  • Selection team: Start with 2018 scholars. Get replies in about one week. Aim for geographic spread and see if more outreach is necessary.
  • Scholars' acceptance letter to be written by OSMF and potentially be co-signed by the University/Institute of Geography and City of Heidelberg

Time related

  • 14 Feb: Send post to SotM 2018 scholars, gauging interest about being on the selection team.
  • 15 Feb: Submission form finalised.
  • 15 Feb: Announcement post.
  • 21 Feb: Finalise list of SotM 2018 scholars who expressed interest to be on the selection team.

Submission form

  • [Submission form](LINK) created by Rachel, based on last year's form._
  • "Other sources of funding" - potentially rephrase
  • "Underrepresented group" - specify intention. Maybe mention ethnicity, socioeconomic, etc
  • "Scholarship in previous years" - ok to ask for our information (even if just the SotM 2018 scholars are not eligible).

Selection team

  • Spreadsheet with ~ 43 candidates: includes details of:
    • three persons that already volunteered to be on the team (Sven, Rebecca, Laura - SotM2018 scholar from Kenya)
    • scholars from SotM 2016, 2017 and 2018
    • a few persons added by scholarship team.
  • Info: Name, country, reason for inclusion on the spreadsheet, sex, affiliation (either self-disclosed or found-out), email address

Blog post

  • To be based on last year's post and also including this year´s motto and additional possibility to extend stay for the HOT Summit.
  • To be published on 15th of Feb.


  • HOT has already some sponsorship for YouthMappers to attend the HOT summit. Covers full travel and could also cover SotM.
  • YouthMapper HOT summit scholarships will be decided by competition and process is sorted out now.
  • We have a checkbox on the submission form about whether someone is a YouthMapper.
  • Exclusionary or exceptional circumstances?
  • Suggestion to co-ordinate with YouthMappers regarding communication. Explain the primary mechanism of attending SotM with a scholarship. They could communicate the different options to their community. Perhaps mention applying for SotM scholarship only in exceptional circumstances.
  • YouthMappers will be working on their procedure even after our announcement.
  • For our selection committee it would be ideal to not have as many submissions.

=== Next meeting: Tuesday 26th of February, 15:00 UTC