StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2019/2019-03-14 Meeting

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Most discussions of the SotM Working Group happen on GitHub issues (private repository). The meetings take place every second Monday on the Mumble server of HOT project. The frequency of the meetings might increase in the last weeks before the conference.

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Time and location: 2019-03-14 20:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server


  • support by FOSSGIS
  • Engelsystem
  • date local meeting with VOC
  • volunteer for logos on website
  • volunteer for twitter account
  • volunteer for newsletter
  • volunteer for improving OSM form for venue bids
  • looking for keynote speakers
  • date next meeting


  • Christine
  • Martin
  • Melanie
  • Adam
  • Yair
  • Gregory


(keeper of the minutes: Martin)

FOSSGIS support

How to aknowledge their support?
We could put it on website below the sponsors. Could be called "Supporters".
Should we do it similarly for city of Heidelberg or the University?
Let's open ticket on github for this.


Last year Marco organized local volunteers. They didn't have a special system.
We could use the Engelsystem (suggested by FOSSGIS for us to use it).
Maybe two or three persons from the team should be responsible to manage the volunteers.
The Engelsystem is a schedule-system for organizing volunteers at conferences. You put tasks in a schedule, and the system distributes the tasks.
Fabian will look at the system and evaluate if it makes sense for us to us it or not.

Date local meeting with VOC

Benedikt is VOC team member, local team knows him from one of their colleagues. We will meet next Tuesday 1pm in Heidelberg.

Volunteer for logos on website

Current workflow works fine. Whenever someone is adding sponsors on github, then Martin adds the logo to the website.

Volunteer for twitter account

We should tweet a bit more, but don't want to share the credentials with anyone, because otherwise it could potentially be misused.

Volunteer for newsletter

Martin thinks newsletter is very important. It should send the content of the blog posts around. Christine will get credentials. Then we ask in the team chat who wants to take take care of it.

Volunteer for improving OSM form for venue bids

Github ticket already open regarding the call for venues.

We should improve the call by making the bids more strict, because last year some teams didn't give all necessary information. We should start the bid Mid-End of April.

Last year one bid was good, but there were concerns about safety for participants. This should be a criterium regarding the venue selection. Bids should include this kind of information, and a timeline. Also make it clean that they can also ask questions to the team before making a bid.

It would also be nice if the winning team could prepare some slides/vide/whatever to show off the new location.

Christine will take care of it writing a text for the call, which will be posted in the github ticket for further discussion.

Looking for keynote speakers

Last year(s) it was difficult to find good keynote speakers. Normally there are one or two keynotes at a SotM.

Some random ideas:

  • Choose a good technical talk.
  • Someone who combined open-source & open data
  • Bridging the Map topic (people from different areas, e.g. government, open source, …)

Let's open a Github ticket to discuss it.

How would we decide on a particular keynote? Normally the issue to find even one keynote, so that's not normally an issue.

Ticket system

In the past years CiviCRM was used. Not super happy with it, but other systems (e.g. Pretix) have similar issues. Wire transfer is always a pain because of much manual intervention. Dorothea and the OSM are already used to CiviCRM, so changing to a different system is probably not worth it.

Academic track call for abstracts

Marco and Yair are happy with the current solution regarding the Pretalx system that was set up now for the academic track. Finalizing the call at the minutes. Early next week the call will probably be released.

Next meeting

28th of March
topic: ticket prices, CiviCRM (system for tickets), bid 2020.
send topics to Christine