StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2019/2019-03-19 Meeting

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Time and location: 2019-03-19 afternoon CEST, Heidelberg


  • Christine
  • Michael R.
  • Rafael
  • Sabrina
  • Martin
  • Fabian


Catering HOT Summit & SotM

  • HOT Summit at Mensa & Studentenwerk
  • ask previous conferences for how much they paid for Klinikum
  • also drinks from Klinikum
  • Ansprüche sind relativ niedrig (requirements are rather low)
  • leftovers: Foodsharing

Social Event

  • catering: currently one offer for catering (30€ per person)
  • rent: ~15-20 € per person
  • Hebelhalle: Limit = 600 people
  • Hebelhalle: sells drinks → need to offer some vouchers
  • other: band/DJ
  • budget: ~50€ per person
  • we will get official contract soon
  • awards: during social event? → if yes, make it shorter
  • announce 2020 venue: during social event?
  • band / music would be nice, epecially since one can change rooms


  • how many volunteers do we need for social event (crowd management, geschirr/getränke abräumen, ticketchecks, etc.)
  • get voucher to get their conference ticket


  • SAP still pending
  • not that many sponsors yet, about 20k€
  • city of Heidelberg: get list of companies to contact
  • city: ask if possible to have a "Sektempfang" at town hall?
  • ask Julian regarding Disy sponsoring

Icebreaker on Friday

  • Marstall (only as "meeting point") and/or Marstall Cafe?
  • or Tiefburg?
  • doesn't have to accomodate all 500 persons

info mail before conference:

  • send out pdf / mail to attendees, with VRN ticket and infos about ice breaker event, tourism guide(s), tipps&tricks, general info (e.g. about shops, etc.) → take a look at pdf from sotm-eu.
  • also put this info on website

What to do on Friday?

  • Tourist guide, optional for ~10€ per person. For foreign attendents
  • Fabian writes informal mail to ask about icebreaker in Marstall

Add hotel deal to website

  • Martin does it
  • ticket sales start in about two months

Pretalx and Pretix

  • Solving Pretalx error
    • Christine is still waiting for activation of event
  • Pretix:
    • can produce invoices automatically
    • Christine asks Dorothea for her opinion
    • then, ask for sponsoring from Pretix
    • FOSSGIS used Pretix, Michael has experience
    • there will be again supporter tickets
    • prices will be negotiated on github

Poster session

  • Sunday evening. Still looking for options (Rathaus, Mathematikon, etc.)
  • OSM Quiz: maybe before poster session

HOT Summit

  • poster (logo?) competition ongoing (100 votes)
  • discussion programm
  • also looking for keynote speakers at the moment