StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2019/2019-04-11 Meeting

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Time and location: 2019-04-11 21:00 CEST, HOT Mumble Server


  • main social event @ hebelhalle
  • OSM Awards
  • Keynotes
  • Agreement on ticket prices
  • Offering of a guided tour
  • Platinum sponsor VM BW
  • scholarship submissions
  • bid 2020
  • academic pc
  • wikimedia support for German scholars
  • hashtag for twitter


  • Christine
  • Marco
  • Martin
  • Melanie
  • Adam
  • Rachel
  • Fabian
  • Michael
  • Sabrina


Social Event Hebelhalle

  • Have 2 offers for catering, one more pending
  • Food truck catering would be one option: advantage that different options to choose from and less dishes etc to woyy about. Disadvantage would be lack of typical German food.
  • waiting for additional offers and will decide in Github or next meeting
  • local team got in contact with hebelhalle again, to get final contract

Icebreaker on Friday

  • Studentenwerk is fine with it at Marstall but they cannot do any reservation.
  • We do not expect to have any lack of space there.

OSM Awards

  • Suggestion to have it at social event. -> this year it will be at social event, next year it will be decided again
  • Proposed timeline seems good.
  • Music: Band would still be an option, but has to be thought out well - timing, costs, etc.

Closing session program:

  • OSM Quiz on Monday evening – takes 40-60 minutes, maybe right after closing session


Currently three proposals:

  • Ilya – topic may be too controversial, better as panel session
  • Karen Sandler - already invited
  • Verkehrsministerium - topic still pending
  • BKG or RVR
  • academic track may possibly also think about having a small keynote possibly - at the moment just an option, will be decided in 1 month

Agreement on ticket prices

  • Question: should the ticket prices be changed from last year?
  • The sponsor income is 57k€ at the moment, already nearly at total level from last year.
  • Keeping the tickets at same price would make it easier to keep the same income in following years.
  • One way to regulate ticket prices a bit would be to extend early bird phase,

Scholarship Submissions

  • no submissions from Germany, also only few from nearby countries. Most of the applications come from African countries, many of which from Annex IV countries we cannot accept for VISA reasons

Wikimedia support for German scholars

  • Wikimedia Germany offered to pay 10 german applications. we will have to open a separate call for german community members. Specific promotion via mailing list and local channels would be needed.
  • Some statistics about the number of applications should be published in the next weeks.

Offering of a guided tour

  • With Heidelberg Marketing a walk through the city and castle is arranged on Friday afternoon. Costs 8€ per person + 135€ per guide. 3 hours tour. For max. 100 people, 4 guides are needed. Tickets for this will be sold for 15€, optionally bookable with conference ticket.

Platinum sponsor Verkehrsministerium Baden-Württemberg

  • Complicated process, but successful. :)
  • The sponsors mailing list for sponsors should be reconfigured to not send out automated "moderation pending" replies.

Bid 2020

  • Text snippets already prepared for the bid. Includes selection criteria. Comments about it on github are welcome. Would be published towards the end of the week. Blog post will be used as an offical announcement.

Academic Program Committee

Short update:

  • keynote possibility - see above
  • provide possibility to publish papers after conference in a special issue of a open access journal. now the task is to find a journal that provides enough fee-waivers for conference submissions. another option would be to support this with conference budget.
  • up to now no "real" submissions, but its likely that many submit towards the end of the deadline. possibility to extend the endline

Hashtag for Twitter

  • Sponsors asked for official hashtag. Lets look at last year. #sotm?

Next meeting

  • 25 April 2019
  • main topic to discuss: conference catering