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Time and location: 2019-05-02 21:00 CEST, HOT Mumble Server


  • Catering during the conference
  • Catering for poster event needed?
  • Catering social event
  • Space for poster event


  • Marco
  • Christine
  • Nakaner
  • Melanie
  • Fabian
  • Sabrina



Report of program committee

  • 157 submissions (111 talks)
  • review until middle of May, then discussions
  • last year more than 200 submission because every scholarship applicant submitted a talk as well
  • Marco asks whether signup for lightning talks is possible in Heidelberg on the conference.
  • Christine: Submission of LTs is possible for people who need to show a submission to get their travel paid or similar circumstances.
  • Melanie: Deadline for HOT Summit proposals is extended to Sunday. She reminds others with access to both issue submission systems to look for duplicates. There are currently 10 reviewers but a few more would be ideal.
  • Michael: Thanks Sven for creating the graphs showing the different distributions of credits by the different reviewers.
  • Melanie: Deadline for reviews has been extended until next week.

Are there new or needs from the scholarship side?

  • Christine to Melanie: Are there any needs by the scholarship team?
  • Melanie: We had originally 12 reviewers signup. Currently, 7 have reviewed so far and one person confirmed to review on the weekend and beginning of next week.


  • Fabian: Klinikum has no capacities.
  • Sabrina has the impression that Klinikum does not seem to be really interested
  • GVO is a good caterer and visited the location before they submitted their offer
  • Sinbad is a startup kind of thing and works together with refugees. They claim to have catered an event with 800 participants but aren't experienced in general.
  • GVO charges for bierbänke but Sinbad not.
  • The question is which kind of food we offer. We got offers for the social event by both companies.
  • Christine: personal preference Sindbad for social event and GVO for conference.
  • Sabrina: prefers professional caterer (GVO) for conference
  • Fabian: There is no large difference in prices. Agrees in general with Sabrina.
  • Sabrina: GVO offer does not include drinks at the moment. They said that it will be about 7 EUR per day and person. They recommended not to have 1 l bottles because we would need glasses.
  • Christine: preferes 0.5 l glass bottles with Apfelschorle and water
  • Sabrina: GVO's glass bottles are 0.2 l bottles. Their 0.5 l bottles are plastic bottles.
  • Chrstine asks if the plastic bottles are re-usable or not.
  • Sabrina doesn't know.
  • Christine: We decide later.
  • The decision on the offers is adjourned until the next meeting because the offers arrived today.
  • Fabian suggests to take care for the contract with Hebelhalle first.
  • Sabrina: Hebelhalle wants to know who caters the event.

Catering during the poster event

  • Sabrina: Do we need a catering at the poster event. We asked GVO for an offer for it. A colleague brews bear, it might be an option. A little bit of finger food would be nice.
  • Fabian: It would be nice to have something there. As it is directly after the conference, it would make sense to offer drinks and finger foods there.
  • Christine: It is ok to take it by GVO. It could be as much (in terms of amount of food) as the morning or afternoon snack.
  • Sabrina: How many visitors do you estimate to visit the poster event?
  • Michael: I estimate 80% of all visitors.

Additional rooms at Mathematikon

  • Melanie: We are talking about part A of the Mathematikon building. They offered one seminar room first, now they offered three rooms. They are quite nice and new and have flexible tables and chairs. We get three rooms on Saturday and Sunday and one or two (needs to check) on Monday. About 70 people fit into these rooms each. We can use the open space in Mathematicon as long as we aren't a commercial event and don't do advertising there. It would be in general for free.
  • Christine: Does this mean that we are not allowed to have sponsor banners there?
  • Melanie: It looks so. We discussed this this week in our own meeting.
  • Melanie asks whether the poster event should take place in the Mathematicon or in the Chemistry Lecture Hall Building.
  • We prefer the Mathematicon but we haven't decided yet.


  • Michael suggest single colour print because it is cheaper
  • Christine prefers fair trade clothing.
  • Michael suggest to make T-shirts option in order to save resources for T-shirts worn only once.
  • some discussion when the T-shirt design should be finished.
  • Fabian says that Michael Auer produced a T-shirt design but it was accidentially posted. Fabian will post it on GitHub.

Other Business

  • Michael asks whether the programme committee wants to have a public voting or not.
  • Christine: There were only voices against.
  • Michael reminds that it should be decided in the next 14 days otherwise it will be too late/too much hurry.
  • Marco: received 3 abstracts so far but that's normal. They will extend the deadline to 15–20 May.
  • Michael asks Christine if she took care on the email about the single lost Pretalx submission.
  • Marco: Asks what the relation of the keynote on the birds is to OSM.
  • Christine: It was a suggestion by Jochen. It could be put into the closing session. If you don't like it, we can skip it.
  • Michael: it should have some relation to OSM or free software/free spatial data. Is it a talk about birds only and not related to crowdsourcing, I am against it.
  • Christine suggests that the keynote on Sunday could take place after the lunch.
  • Michael reminds that a keynote on Sunday costs two slots but only one slot on Monday.

Next meeting

  • 24 May 2019

The meeting ended on 21:47 CEST.