Data Working Group


  • Resolution of issues in copyright violation, disputes, vandalism, and bots, beyond the normal means of the community.
  • Helping to set policy on data.
  • Detecting and stopping vandalism and imports that do not comply with guidelines.

2012 Plan


2013 Plan

DWG Plan 2013.pdf

Minutes and Reports

DWG Activity Report for Jan-Jun 2013
DWG Activity Report for Jul-Dec 2013
Data Working Group/DWG 2015-12-18 Resolution Banning PeterDRS


You can get in touch with the whole team at:


  • Peter Barth (Germany; also on OSMF Board)
  • Deanna Earley (UK)
  • Sylvain Letuffe (France)
  • Ethan Nelson (USA)
  • Vladimir Marshinin (Russia)
  • Paul Norman (Canada; also on OSMF Board)
  • Roland Olbricht (Germany)
  • Frederik Ramm (Germany; also on OSMF Board)
  • Guillaume Rischard (Luxembourg)
  • Eugene Sandulenko (Ukraine)
  • Grant Slater (UK)
  • Andy Townsend (UK)
  • Serge Wroclawski (USA)

Former Members

  • Ben Abelshausen
  • Matt Amos
  • Tom Hughes
  • Mikel Maron
  • Henning Scholland
  • Dave Stubbs
  • Jo Walsh
  • Richard Weait