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We have a small team of board members of the foundation. Here is a bit about each of them, including declarations of any other directorships and any substantial shareholdings.

  • Board members are volunteers and are usually1 not getting paid by the OSM Foundation for the work they do.
  • All board members are "directors" in the sense of the UK Companies Act. Even the person we designate "secretary" is not a "secretary" in the sense of the UK Companies Act.
  • See the OSM Foundation board members by year on the OSM wiki.

Current Board

Amanda McCann

Amanda McCann discovered OpenStreetMap in 2008, as a long time fan of free software/open source and maps, the entire thing just clicked, and has been active ever since. As well as regular mapping, and hacking on OSM projects, she can be found at community events, or trying to teach new people about OpenStreetMap.

She's originally from Dublin, Ireland, but currently lives in Karlsruhe, Germany working at the OpenStreetMap consultancy firm Geofabrik. While not at a computer, she likes hiking and cycling in the nearby Black Forest, which provide options for mapping for OSM.

(documents before mid-2021 use Amanda's old name which started with “R”)

Eugene Alvin Villar

Eugene Alvin Villar is from the Philippines and has been mapping in OSM as seav since 2007. Eugene has grown up loving maps and cartography (one of his favorite childhood books was a Grolier world atlas) and when he learned that OSM was a crowdsourced project to map the whole world, he was immediately hooked. Aside from mapping, Eugene has also worked to collaborate with other Filipinos in building the local mapping community in the Philippines (which is one of the most active in Asia) by planning events, giving presentations, facilitating workshops, and organizing local conferences. He has been a member of the Foundation since 2016 and a member of the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG) which he chaired from 2019 until his election in 2020.

Eugene currently works as a senior software engineer for a Silicon Valley-based startup and before he got elected worked part-time doing OSM mapping for Kaart, a Bronze Corporate Member of the Foundation. In his free time outside of OpenStreetMap, Eugene is also a very active contributor the the Wikimedia projects such as the English Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons.

Guillaume Rischard

Guillaume Rischard from Luxembourg maps as Stereo, which is easier to pronounce. When he discovered OpenStreetMap in 2008, there were only a few main roads displayed around him. He didn’t take the project seriously. In 2011, he ran into it again, and saw that the map had become a lot more detailed. He spotted a missing name, and when he saw it displayed on the map when he refreshed right after saving it, he was hooked. When he uploads a changeset, he still likes to open that place in his browser while it still hasn’t rendered, open the same URL in a new tab a few seconds later, then switch between the tabs.

He works as a freelance data consultant, and was the technical lead and helped drive strategy on the Luxembourg Open Data Portal, where one success was getting the addresses, orthoimagery and official map data of Luxembourg released.

The most significant thing he’s written recently is probably the Membership Working Group report on the 100 suspicious signups. Guillaume and his co-author Steve Friedl were honoured to receive the OpenStreetMap award for influential writing for it at the State of the Map conference in Heidelberg.

He is a member of the Data Working Group and Membership Working Group, and occasionally contributes to the OSM Weekly.

Jean-Marc Liotier

Jean-Marc Liotier took a wrong turn on his bicycle in 2009 on an African track and stumbled upon Openstreetmap - a great excuse to indulge his vice of staring at orbital imagery. He is based in Paris, where he spent the last 20 years managing information systems projects for large telcos - but that's really just a way to finance his mapping addiction.

Jean-Marc is currently on a full-time salaried position at SFR, a subsidiary of Altice Europe, where he is an employee representative, member of the UNSa COM union. His ownership of bicycles has also led to rumors that he might be a card-carrying member of the cycling lobby.

Mikel Maron

Mikel Maron is a programmer and geographer working for impactful community and humanitarian uses of open source and open data. He started with OSM in 2005. He was elected to the OSMF Board in 2015, and previously served from 2007-2012. He currently works at The Earth Genome, leading digital products. Previously, he led the Community team at Mapbox. He is co-founder of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, of GroundTruth Initiative, and of the Map Kibera project. He’s travelled widely, organizing mapping projects in India, Palestine, Egypt, Swaziland, and elsewhere.

Roland Olbricht

Roland Olbricht came to OSM in 2008. Since 2011 he maintains and operates the Overpass API independent of this daytime job. Before Covid, he has been participant of multiple local meet-ups. He makes software for public transit as a software developer for the company MENTZ GmbH.

Tobias Knerr

Tobias Knerr fell in love with OpenStreetMap in 2008, and has been contributing as a mapper and software developer ever since. He's a long-time advocate for free software and open content, and has been promoting OSM through mapping parties, as a speaker and organizer for conferences, and at industry events. Tobias has joined the board in 2018, and is currently employed as a research assistant at the University of Passau, Germany.

1 Exception: 2021/resolution 19, tied to the task of resolving the blockage of PayPal and TransferWise accounts at that point.