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Since September 2013, the OSM Foundation admits corporate members as "associated members" of the organisation. Corporate memberships start at €500 per year. See Corporate Members for the list of organisations who have chosen to support us in this way so far.

Why should you join?

  • Keep OpenStreetMap's servers running. OpenStreetMap is the world's biggest user-generated map, free for everyone to use. Our volunteer sysadmins rely on the OSM Foundation to provide the server hardware.
  • Support our volunteer working groups. Our Working Groups keep OpenStreetMap safe from vandalism and legal threat, among other work.
  • Show your support for OpenStreetMap. - Tell others that your organisation is a proud member of the OSM Foundation.

Corporate members may attend OSMF general meetings but they do not have a vote.

Membership levels

There are different membership levels, which should accommodate organizations and companies of any size. Your company or organization can become a Corporate Member for as little as €500 / year for ‘Supporter’ level, all the way up to €20,000 / year for ‘Platinum’ level. Each level has different benefits, as laid out below.

Corporate Membership tiers: Annual fees and benefits
Corporate Membership tier Membership fee Benefits
Supporter €500 / year
  • Your name on the OSMF web site
  • Show support for the OSM Foundation
  • Attend OSMF General Meetings
Bronze €1,500 / year

All supporter level benefits, plus:

  • First access to SotM sponsorship opportunities
  • Name and logo on the OSMF web site
Silver €4,000 / year

All bronze level benefits, plus:

  • One joint press release annually
Gold €10,000 / year

All Silver level benefits, plus:

Platinum €20,000 / year

All Gold level benefits, plus:

  • Invite a board member for an in-house presentation about OpenStreetMap (you pay for travel / lodging)

Those tiers were put into effect since Jan 1, 2017.

How to join

Please email with any questions or to apply.

When we've received the information, an e-mail will be sent by the membership secretary with further details. We normally send an invoice. There will be an option for adding specific information on the invoice (like a PO-number). More information about this process will be mentioned in the e-mail from the membership secretary.