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SotM WG meeting

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July 27th 2015, 19:00 GMT


  • Rob N
  • Gregory M
  • Alyssa
  • Christine
  • Henk
  • Serge
  • Joost
  • Pieter-Jan P

Absent Apologies

  • Ben
  • Marc D

Updates from sub-groups

Web design

This team has now been set up. Thanks to Tatiana for offering to help. She indicated that she would be free in 3 weeks to help out more.


Team has been set up. Started to review previous sponsorship packs (SotM 2013, SotM US 2015, SotM EU 2014). Aim is to agree our key messages first then draft text. Tiers to be dropped in as we have a better view of the budget/venue costs.

Update: Venue - ULB

  • Campus photos (Marc, Joost and Henk):

  • The walk would need some signaling to make it easy. It is exactly five minutes from one building to the next, knowing the way. Building K is pretty good, with enough breakout room and a very nice main room.
  • Henk: Walking from door to door of each auditorium is 5 minutes leisurely walk. The capacity of the second auditorium is about 225 capacity. Joost has put a video (see above link) so that you can see the walk. The only negative point is the distance between the 2 auditorium.
  • Rob: What about getting 2 auditorium in building H? We could have opening plenary in K, then break, then move everyone to H so that people can easily move between the 2 tracks. Re-join in K after lunch… and so on.
  • Henk: If we stick to building K we have a capacity of 800 in the main room. 50-60 in the breakout rooms. The H building is maximum 225. Feel like this is too small. Could put a live feed of H building in K building breakout room.
  • Christine: Two auditorium in building H may be too small.
  • Building H not really an option. Building K is much more suitable.
  • Serge: At the moment I am working on the assumption that we will be in building K in ULB. How many other events will be going on whilst we are there?
  • Henk: Building K it will mainly/mostly be us.
  • Serge: Would it be possible to have a gender neutral bathroom?
  • Henk: Looking at the floorplan there are 2 wheelchair accessible bathrooms. We could work around based on what we have.

Update: European Parliament

  • Henk [email]: Phone call with an secretary of a member of the European Parliament (from the EVP-group). They are very interested in helping us! Face-to-face meeting in the last week of September. Thanks Alyssa for her offer to help with any security related questions (using experience gained from SotM US 2015)
  • Henk: Face-to-face meeting with 2 MEPs. Henk emailed and they called back. Interested but have questions. Henk has explained what OSM/SotM is. They still find it very interesting and want to set up meeting with 2 MEPs in the related space - Humanitarian and OpenData. Henk has noted that we are primarily looking for space, not subsidiaries as we have own sources of finance. Currently 1 european party (alliance) so ideally need to expand so cross-party.
  • Henk: Has shared the timeline as August/September 2016. Summer break is August so likely to be the best time. Rob comments on timing and asks for Henk/others to push the EP to keep the ball moving.

Logo design competition and “Spec work”

  • Alyssa: There has been general upset from the designers at Mapzen and State of the Map US community. Not comfortable with the logo competition. Raised valid points that we had not considered during initial discussions. Feel that given we have started the competition we should continue with it.
  • Serge: We have ran competitions in the past?
  • Alyssa: Participation in the OSM community is not for an award. This feels like free design advise instead of paid work.
  • Christine: Are they looking to be paid?
  • Alyssa: No, their main concern is that we are taking advantage of skills. Want to raise this with the team.
  • Christine: Maybe the challenge we have with similar matters in OSM. Paid vs un-paid.
  • Alyssa: Some areas where working with a paid person helps (e.g. advise in regards to travel VISAs).
  • Serge: Paid vs un-paid is a OSMF board issue. If this group goes down that route then we can sidetrack ourselves from the conference.
  • Christine: The SotM conference has been voluntary to date and this has been made relatively clear. We are happy with design work from non-professionals.
  • OUTCOME: The logo competition will continue this year as it has already started. The OSMF board are looking in to paid support - we may have better advice this time next year.
  • ACTION: Rob to add comments to SotM next document so that we have it captured for next year. Perhaps work more closely with the designers next year.


Suggestions on email include:

  • “Action” as suggested by Pieter-Jan
    • How do we go from maintaining a map to promoting the use of it?
    • How do we engage others to get to know OSM
    • How do we capture realtime data into maps (im just saying stuff).
  • "Heros of OpenStreetMap" or just "Heros" by Gregory
    • To celebrate people that are amazing in OpenStreetMap, and we can look to say how much of an effect OpenStreetMap has in the world, i.e. Jack Dangermond (co-founder ESRI) said "you [HOT mappers] are doing the work of God".
  • As set out in earlier discussions we could just focus on the basic three groups of OSM idea.
  • Rob: Thoughts or comments on theme?
  • Alyssa: Silence answers it!.
  • Henk: Thinking about the past then it has been difficult to stick to the theme.
  • OUTCOME: No theme will be pushed this year.


  • Rob: Email non-attendees to check that everyone is still ok (expect it’s just holiday season)
  • Rob: Email Tatiana for her skype username so that she can join if she wishes. Apologise for not being organised this week.
  • Rob: Update website to say “Quarter 3 2016” DONE
  • Rob: Get in touch again with the FOSS4G folks to share our provisional dates.
  • Ben: Send paperwork back to ULB
  • Henk: Share his photos of ULB. In particular the building plan.
  • Henk: To continue to pursue the EP lead. If you need to apply pressure you can blame Rob (e.g. “Our conference lead is getting nervous as a venue is high priority on his list,...”)

Meeting end:

+50 mins