StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2018/2018-06-25 Meeting

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Most discussions of the SotM Working Group happen on GitHub issues (private repository). The meetings take place every second Monday on the Mumble server of HOT project. The frequency of the meetings might increase in the last weeks before the conference.

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Time and location: 2018-06-25 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Christine, Mikel, Michael, Francesco, Alessandro, Marco, Benoît, Gregory

Lead: Rob

Minutes by: Michael

Send emails of acceptance/rejection for SotM 2019 applications (100)

  • no response except Nigeria who sent new costs for catering (about half of original, now similar to Europe)
  • doubts regarding security for Nigeria
  • Heidelberg has larger team
  • We need to have some kind of email record or similar to ensure that the venue is still booked for us.
  • They can now start contracting.

Social-only tickets (128)

  • each person costs us EUR 40
  • social-only tickets cost EUR 40 to cover the cost but not more
  • they will be sold in Milan

T-Shirt order

  • 240 ticket sales already including scholars
  • we order 300 T-shirts now with an option 100 additonal later
  • estimation that 100 to 150 people will sign up
  • ticket design: ticket #93
  • red T-shirt for volunteers, green for everyone else, printing in white
  • we agree to have a large logo on the front, positioned in the centre
  • text on the back because
    • cheaper printing (Michael) but raising the price only by 70 cent according to Alessandro
    • easier to wear (Mikel)
    • no text on the back means no "OpenStreetMap" on the T-shirt (Christine); solution: include "OpenStreetMap" in the front logo
  • text and logo side by side does not look good
  • "OpenStreetMap" will be placed inside the logo, similar to SotM 2016
  • Michael makes new designs this evening
  • Deadline is tomorrow.

Breakout session Caribbean and Western Africa (130)

  • Severin Menard asked to have four hours about OSM in the Caribean and Western Africa.
  • Speakers have scholarships by Le Libre Geographes
  • Christine responded that a whole track is not possible and asked to begin at the beginning of the conference.
  • Christine told them that they should go into the Saturday morning and told them that they can get 2 hours. She didn't promise anything because she wanted to ask them beforehand.
  • Mikel: 4 hours would be one quarter of the whole conference and take their visitors away from the rest of the conferencer.
  • Rob: They could advertise their sessions now but with a note that the time is not guaranteed.
  • Rob will send Christine a text to use in the response. → text to be put into the GitHub ticket

Booklet (97, 131)

  • Michael working on it, has proposed a front page, working on the interior
  • booklet will contain session descriptions
  • Michael will use his favourite print shop he is used to although it is in Germany
  • Font (currently DejaVu Sans as used by FOSSGIS) is not the best, suggestions are welcome. Michael will look for a better and free font.

Pay venue deposit (96)

  • Quote by Politecnico di Milano listes all rooms and services (video recording, air conditing etc.) we wanted to book. This will be signed tomorrow.

Meeting intervals

  • 1 month to go to the conference
  • Rob proposes to increase the meeting interval to 1 week from now on until the conference

Simultaneous translation service (129)

  • independent translator for De Donato would cost EUR 1.464, earphones and translator cabin are offered for free by Polimi. She would start on Sunday on 11:30 after the lightning talks.
  • Michael: Yes if budget allows but worried if future conferences are expected to offer it, too.
  • Rob, Marco: Agreed if budget allows


  • Seven visa have been awarded, three are still waiting but are expected to receive theirs soon.


  • We are on track.


  • Marco contacted all of them.
  • They should work at least one day but they are welcomed to work more.
  • We kindly ask them to work two days. Those who have jobs in the lecture rooms could do even more work.
  • If the catering company does a lot of work themselves, less volunteer work is necessary.
  • Marco will share a plan.
  • Marco will ask volunteers for special skills (e.g. French) and make a plan who will work where and do what.


  • We will ask the volunteers, not to pay a photographer.
  • Paid photographer for group photo.