StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2018/2018-12-13 Meeting

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Program Committee Pre-Meeting

Attendees: Christine, Christoph, Martin (last 15 minutes only)

before Martin's arrival:

  • brainstorming about how a pc could be build
  • local chapter, active community members known from mailinglists or other SotMs
  • beside offical local chapters there are local chapters withoug the offical state

Short discussion about potential selection criteria and candidates for the program committee (evaluation / ranking of talk abstracts).

Main Meeting

Most discussions of the SotM Working Group happen on GitHub issues (private repository). The meetings take place every second Monday on the Mumble server of HOT project. The frequency of the meetings might increase in the last weeks before the conference.

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Time and location: 2018-10-11 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Christine, Martin, Gregory, Marco, Melanie, Sabrina, Adam, Fabian, Yair, ?, Michael R. (last ~20? minutes)

Lead: Martin

Social Event

Talked about Hebelhalle

Agreed that we accept Hebelhalle at the lowest level, and based on sponsorship we can book more aspects of it if possible.


The spreadsheet now has lots of potential sponsors - see LINK (and relevant Github ticket)

Would be good if lots of people can help, so we can work through contacting all of them. You can add companies you want to contact, or ones you've already contacted. If everyone takes 4 or 5 that would be good.

Marco will help and contact the Italian sponsors we had. They might be missing from the list because they might only be regional, but we could still contact them and try.

Several have been in touch already, City of Hiedelberg, and the space agency. Easier if we get the mayors go ahead, then departments can support us in different ways.

We will share with the wider group, were just waiting for it to start.

Other entries in the spreadsheet, just pick one you want to contact or can find someone to contact, add your name in the "assigned to" (so nobody else duplicates contacting them), remember to CC in Dorothea to your e-mails so she can do the admin side of it (sending logoss, payment etc).

If there any questions? Dorothea or the group can help out.

Can write from personal e-mails, should CC Dorothea but don't need to CC the whole team.

Other tasks for this meeting?

No. We should start with the sponsors. Some companies need to know this information for their decisions and budgeting.

University of Heidelberg

Had a meeting last week about social event or general lunch in the mensa. Info is in the Github issue. It's okay on Monday, but not go there in their peak times (shift the lunch break). Cannot do anything on Sunday. Quite likely to do it on Saturday. They offer a good variety of foods, and vegan, vegetarian, etc.

We also asked about coffee breaks, which is possible. We can decide to have the equipment and use our own staff, or if we need them to supply staff but this is not possible on Sunday.

Michael: Would look strange if we change caterer on some days, we should look at external caterers to do all of SotM.
christine: It would add variance to change food.
Fabian: We did consider doing lunch packages on Sunday, like was done in Milan.
Martin: The Mensa will be much cheaper, like half the price.
Gregory: For coffee breaks on Sunday, could they provide equipment but not staff?
Need to ask.
Christine: There is a group (students at Heidleberg) that asked if they could help. Prof Tipt? We could ask them to help with the coffee breaks.
Michael: Did you ask for beverages (water, juice, etc), or do we buy this at a store? Could get this delivered on Saturday.
Fabian: My understanding is they'll provide that, not only coffee.
Martin: yes that works. We only pay for what we open/use.

We have spoken with the city.

We have some rooms reserved in 2 hotels. €70-100 per room. Also have some reserved in a hostel, about €30 per night.

Christine: we will keep some of these rooms in the hostel for scholars.

The booked rooms are in a different hostel.

HOT Summit days it was much harder to find rooms, maybe there is some big event we don't know about. At the begining of next year would could add some text to our website about them, but we don't need that to go on yet.

Fabian: student group of geography, I met with them and introduced SotM to them over 5 minutes and that we welcome people to help us in the planning process and the days during the event.
Christine: yes that's fine. The deal is that if you help, you don't need to buy a ticket.
Marco: yes, this was the same in Milan. All the volunteers helped for at least 1.5 or 2 days, and they got a free ticket and t-shirt.

Academic track

Marco: Already, we have 1 candidate yesterday: Godwin Yeboah from the University of Warwick,. Quite a good candidate I think, he was in Milan presenting. We will wait 3 weeks to see if what other candidates we get (deadline: January 3).

Christine: Gregory, do you have contact from the SotM Argentina working group?
Gregory: Nope.
Michael: I have some contacts with people in Brazil, although one is from Mapbox so a problem if you don't want 2 from the same company.

Michael: Sponsors, do we have to first ask the corporate members of OSMF first?
Christine: No problem, you can ask who you want especially if you have a good relationship.

Meeting ended + 51 minutes.